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(Cream on the Waterfront, 2021 - 2x 10Gbps Internet Connections - serving 290 credit card machines, 4K streaming and Free WiFi for 20,000 people over 4 days )


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Club 051 Returns to Liverpool

By Baltic Company News

Who remembers Liverpool’s Club 051?

Installed today by Baltic Broadband: Ultra-fast 10Gbps internet ready for the opening night for live radio broadcasts, WiFi for clubbers, backend/payment systems and much more, while the venue joins a growing network of pre-connected venues around the region for Film/TV/Radio, see

Built in 1991 to rival Manchester’s nightlife, the Super Club dominated Liverpool’s nightlife throughout the 1990s when the club exploded with the iconic Sexy Medicine Saturday night sets with DJs Lee Butler & Dave Graham paving the way to attract international stars like David Morales and Roger Sanchez.

In its glory days the club could hold around 2,000 punters, and now … .it’s coming back!

The club will offer Live music, local band nights, comedy nights, tribute nights, sportsman dinners and boxing shows and requires ultra fast reliable internet backed by 24/7 support and a 100% SLA.

So the question is…Baltic Broadband are 051 enough…are you?

Cruise Terminal becomes latest connected building

By Baltic Company News

Just installed: 10Gbps for Liverpool Cruise Terminal and the Liverpool Seafarers Centre.

Since 2007, the terminal, based in Liverpool City Centre, has welcomed over 800 cruise ships carrying over 1 million international passengers who now, thanks to Baltic Broadband, have access to ultra-fast, unlimited 10Gbps WiFi at the port and around the city with our Baltic Roam service.

The new free WiFi service also supports 50,000 seafarers passing through the Port of Liverpool each year, offering a “lifeline” to #seafarers , both active and retired, whilst providing a way to contact family and friends in their home country whist helping to escape thier home country’s #roaming charges.

Our new #WiFi 6 system covers a huge area including the main hall, car parks, coach areas and crew welfare areas and is designed for high density in order to cater for thousands of people disembarking onto the shore all at once.

Taylor Swift Chooses Baltic Broadband

By Baltic Company News, Interesting Things, Music

Completed: Our team enjoyed working on the new #TaylorSwift (I Can See You) music video that was filmed in the Cunard.

We enabled the film set with 1Gbps from our Temporary Internet product, complete with rush uploads and a high density WiFi system that was used for various production departments.

Our customer said:

“Baltic provided us with a high speed 1 Gbps leased-line for a week-long filming project in Liverpool City Centre. The service, complete with high density WiFi was set up across multiple levels in the same building; in a large open-plan office and on our set, allowing both our crew and visitors to connect trouble free while having use of printers and rush upload ports throughout”

“We were very happy with the great friendly service provided by Baltic and would strongly recommend them in the future”

Gay pride Flag

KyivPride: Baltic provides on-street free WiFi for Ukraine Pride March

By Local Events

KyivPride Connected: Baltic provided free WiFi for Liverpool/Ukraine Pride over the weekend.

Using our vast on-street public WiFi system installed throughout Liverpool, we provisioned 40Gbps of free WiFi on the streets and along the march so that people could stay connected, just like we did for Eurovision back in April.

Packed with unlimited data, the free WiFi system clocked up thousands of users who used 11.6TB of data as many people used it to post the day’s events on social media.

In addition to the above, the free WiFi service was also available on many bars, restaurants and other public spaces over the weekend with our Syndicated WiFi service for the hospitality industry.

It’s a wrap!: Baltic does Cream: on the Waterfront

By Baltic Company News, Local Events, Music

20Gbps of internet delivered into Liverpool’s Pier Head with 6x Fixed Wireless Access point to point links, 2 x 40Gbps Fibre leased lines and dual satellite for extra resilience and it worked like a treat!

Serving over 20,000 festival goers, over 300 credit card machines, backend audio/visual systems, ticketing, production, WiFi, drones, CCTV, radio systems and much more, our bullet-proof setup enjoyed multiple redundant routes in and out, protected by 12 hour battery backup (UPS) and connected directly into the London and Manchester internet exchanges in a resilience triangle.

What an amazing atmosphere it was, from working backstage with the crew to enjoying the music out the front, our experienced team delivered another fab production in our wonderful city, Liverpool.

A lot of what we did reminds me of another large project, Eurovision (United by Music, Connected by Baltic) that we delivered only a few months ago, read more about our experiences.

Live broadcast at the Liverpool Cruise terminal 

By Baltic Company News, Music

The team at Baltic Broadcast did a live broadcast at the Liverpool Cruise terminal yesterday in this great weather for the Port Welfare Committee so that it could be broadcast around the world.

Setup within just 30 mins, our team delivered high availability internet, with multiple internet connections and low latency with 1Gbps speeds direct to the site, including high density WiFi.

Regenerus & Baltic partner to bring 40Gbps Internet Connection to The Investment Centre & Bootle Strand

By Baltic Company News, Landlord and Tenant

Regenerus, the trading name of South Sefton Development Trust, was created in 2004 to continue the work of the Government-funded South Sefton Partnership regeneration initiative in the area.

Baltic Broadband are a digital connectivity specialist who deliver ultra-fast broadband by working with landlords to pre-connect buildings with Ultra-Fast broadband.  

Regenerus’s Investment Centre office building in Bootle town centre now hosts one of the fastest internet connections in the Merseyside area. 

Thanks to the joint investment, the Investment Centre is now a pre-connected building that along with many other benefits offers same-day switch-on so incoming tenants can get connected faster and with speeds up to 40Gbps (with future speeds provisioned to 100Gbps).

This partnership has enabled additional opportunities such as the installation of a free-wifi service along Stanley road, to help both low income and disadvantaged families while helping the visitor economy.  This was used recently during Eurovision for example when it provided a free WiFi service for visitors to Bootle.

As a digital hub with a very large and fast 40Gbps internet connection, this connection also connects to and transforms both the Bootle Strand and the Triad building’s digital connectivity as the area is regenerated over the coming years.

In addition to the above, the partnership has also installed a digital sensor network (called LoRaWAN) that enables connectivity to small low-powered devices such as air quality monitoring & telehealth applications such as helping the older generation at home.

As part of the installation, Baltic have also installed direct connections to Cloud Services, the Liverpool Film Network and the Liverpool Games Network, creating one of the best connected buildings within the Liverpool City Region.

For more details about the connection, speeds and pricing, please visit the dedicated Investment Centre page.

Microphone on a background of a blurry flags Ukraine and Great Britain. European Song Contest

Eurovision: United by Music, Connected by Baltic

By Baltic Company News, Interesting Things, Local Events, Music

What a night. What a city.  What a team.

The nine-day event, which saw in excess of half a million people descend on Liverpool was held simultaneously on multiple sites across the city, and very well attended by thousands of people including families and children.

Baltic Broadband went over and above to get the city connected, in what is likely to be the largest event that our team has connected to date (see the pictures below).

Our project brief was enormous: 

  • Provide connectivity for Eurovision’s main systems (too many to mention!)
  • Connect up over 300 hospitality venues for streaming, payment systems and free wifi for the many Eurovision parties that took over the city
  • Provide free on-street wifi across the city so visitors connect once and roam
  • Provide WIFI to 15,000 fans for the fan zone at the Pier Head, Baltic Triangle, St George’s Hall
  • Provide connectivity for on-street retailers due to cashless policy’s
  • Provide connectivity for ticketing systems, sensors, crowd control systems, drones, private radio systems, security companies and more
  • Provide live radio station broadcasts from various retail stores and ad-hoc street locations
  • Provide connectivity for CCTV, lighting systems, radio systems, drones and streaming at St Georges Hall
  • Provide Data Centre space for streaming companies to host their own equipment locally 
  • Provide our Portable connectivity solutions for aircraft doing live streaming above the city
  • Provide our Portable connectivity solutions for streaming on board a cruise ship doing the rounds on the River Mersey

All in all, we connected thousands of people, hundreds of venues, emergency services, security companies, ticketing providers, broadcasters, streaming providers and production companies with fast, super reliable, low latency internet.

The Technical Bit

We provided over 100Gbps of connectivity to Eurovision, delivered using Fibre, Fixed Wireless Access, Satellite and 4G/5G and LoRaWAN, including layer 2 point connectivity between various venues.

All sites had multiple routes in and out and were delivered using all of the technologies above, employing various routing technologies to aid resilience (for example fibre connections had radio failover and radio had satellite failover).

It was interesting to see our Portable Connectivity Solutions deployed in full, for example, the Connectivity Vehicle was out doing live broadcasts for radio stations and social media crews, The Roving Racks ended up in various hospitality venues for live streaming (who suffered from poor broadband from other providers) and one of the Baltic Backpack’s ended up on board a ferry cruising from Pier Head, again for live stream of the Eurovision Final.

Several media crews took Baltic Backpack’s with them to do on-street social media streaming, such as the TikTok teams, providing them with around a 50Mbps high availability link to walk around with, without dropping any frames in the stream.

Our city-wide WiFi network (called Eurovision Free WiFi) was very popular as it allowed people to connect once then roam around the city at the official events and on the streets but also in many Baltic Broadband’s customers venues, which helped drive footfall as we later discovered (venues reported to us people asking if Eurovision wifi is available at their venue). Each WiFi access point had 1Gbps connected to it from a central 40Gbps core, resulting in rapid speeds for users even when thousands were connected.

Another interesting angle is the multiple roof-tops that we provided connectivity to, which had been designated Drone launch sites. Many of the Drones were being used to stream live images above the city, which had a ground radio to receive the stream that we connected with multiples of 1Gbps connections. Like with all of our network, we’re heavily peered with other networks, so it had the benefit of having a low latency from the Drone through to social networks that resulted in minimal transmission delays, including the termination of live streams on equipment placed within our City Centre Data Centre’s during the event.

Powering the network was done using existing mains power from our existing sites that use our renewable energy that we generate ourselves here in the region, the other sites used leisure batteries taken to the site, while one of the major event sites was powered using a Tesla Model S that we hacked, a very expensive drive-to-site battery!


We recorded 128.8 TB of data used over the Eurovision period, much of it was download as you’d expect, however quite a significant amount was upload due to the large amount of streams and content uploads taking place.

I’m very proud of the work done by the Baltic team and I award them douze points for their hard work and commitment to our customers.

Microphone on a background of a blurry flags Ukraine and Great Britain. European Song Contest

Eurovision Free WiFi Launched

By Baltic Company News, Local Events, Music

Baltic are pleased to announce that our new Eurovision Free City-Wide WiFi system is live from today. 

We’ve installed a large number of Free WiFi points around the region that allow visitors to login and use fast free WiFi without data limits or restrictions. 

Visitors simply look for the name “Eurovision Free WiFi” to connect and can stay connected throughout the region as they roam between hotspots and will be available until the 31st May 2023.

In addition to this, the free Eurovision WiFi will also be automatically available at Baltic’s existing customers premises, for example bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and various venues.

Grand Central Hall Joins as a Connected Venue

By Baltic Company News, Music

Another day another 10Gbps, this time it’s our Connected Venues product that’s just getting installed into Grand Central Hall in  Liverpool.

We pre-connect many venues around the #liverpoolcityregion with high speed internet, ready for use during performances, events and shows, for live streaming/broadcasting and other uses.

Customers simply rock-up, scan the QR code for instant switch-on, buying internet by the day, no contracts no penalties, with speeds up to 40Gbps at many venues.

We’ve got another 6 venues to connect this year, and we’re adding more all of the time. 

Baltic Broadband Helps Thrive Tackle Digital Poverty Faced By Young People

By Baltic Company News

In the words of Thrive CIC, From Thrive’s website here…

When launching Thrive in October 2020 we set out to remove the barrier of digital poverty for young people who are furthest away from the job market. By digitalising our space, it would enable us to connect care-experienced young people with employers, training and other service providers.

We believe digital connectivity plays an important role in combatting feelings of loneliness and isolation experienced by young people; this combined with promoting self-belief and goal setting also reduces the risk of grooming and exploitation. 

On our mission to digitalise Thrive we approached local broadband provider Baltic Broadband to see if we could collaborate on providing Wi-Fi for under privileged young people across Liverpool City Region.

During the first lockdown it came to light that thousands of vulnerable people across the UK were struggling to access the internet, Wi-Fi, computers, and laptops. Many communities across Liverpool City Region faced such barriers, especially low-income families and schools without high quality, fast broadband. During such a challenging time when the only way we could stay connected to the world was online it was vital that action was taken to continue education and prevent mental health issues around isolation.

In 2016 Baltic Broadband founded non-for-profit company Liverpool Internet Exchange which works together with its members to help local communities facing issues around digital poverty by providing time and materials.

Throughout lockdown Baltic Broadband joined forces with the Liverpool Internet Exchange members and Liverpool City Council to launch a hugely successful free Wi-Fi service across the city so that home workers, schools, the self-employed, unemployed and the vulnerable could access ultra-fast internet that otherwise may have been completely or partly unavailable with other providers, if any.

Liverpool City Centre, Everton, The Wirral, and parts of Sefton are just some of the areas where thousands of properties benefited from this service. 

When Thrive launched in October Baltic Broadband kindly gifted us the installation and usage of Wi-Fi free-of-charge. The equipment installed by Baltic Broadband was donated by a member of the LI Exchange, local business IQ Bar.

We are incredibly grateful to both businesses for providing free Wi-Fi to the young people at Thrive. Baltic Broadband believe that their profit comes from the advantage of seeing young people get the futures they dream of.

Digitalising our project has allowed us to remove the barrier of digital poverty for young people who are furthest away from the job market. Having free has Wi-Fi enabled Thrive to stream daily career sessions, offer secure online activities and support services, whilst providing a dedicated safe environment where young people and support workers can get online.

So far 493 individuals have had free access to Baltic Broadbands Wi-Fi and additionally we have been able to deliver Interactive Careers Sessions to 342 young people. 

A huge thank you to Matt and the team at Baltic Broadband.


Baltic Broadband & Caldeira Create Knowsley Digital Hub

By Baltic Company News

Baltic Broadband, the Liverpool based digital connectivity specialist, has entered into a
strategic partnership with Caldeira, the Knowsley based cushion company, to deliver ultra-
fast broadband of up to 40Gbps to the Knowsley Industrial Park, from a new Digital Hub at
Caldeira’s new headquarters at 29 Lees Road.

This important new investment from Baltic Broadband has the potential to dramatically
transform digital connectivity for hundreds of companies on the Knowsley Industrial Park
and provide an additional incentive for companies to re-locate and set-up in Knowsley.
Matt Wilson, CEO of Baltic Broadband, is excited by the opportunity which has been

“The partnership between Baltic Broadband and Caldeira represents a significant
investment by bringing high-speed resilient digital connectivity to the estate that will benefit
the entire Industrial Park, thanks to this new Digital Hub. 

Powered by Caldeira’s renewable energy from its new large solar installation, local businesses within
the estate can now access cost-effective, high-speed & reliable internet with speeds available of up
to 40Gbps (40,000Mbps), setup normally within 10 working days.”
Tony Caldeira, Founder and Managing Director of Caldeira Ltd, thinks that the new Digital
Hub is great news for everybody on the Knowsley Industrial Park.

“This is one of those unique opportunities in business where everybody wins. Baltic
Broadband’s investment has created an opportunity for many businesses on the Knowsley
Industrial Park to improve the way they operate.

In addition, Caldeira now has greatly improved internet connectivity, and the new Digital
Hub means that future tenants to our 29 Lees Road site can have ultra-fast broadband,
hardwired directly into their new premises.”

Harvey Abramson, IT and Projects Manager at Caldeira Ltd, has been surprised by the
difference that the faster broadband, provided by Baltic Broadband, has made to Caldeira’s
day-to-day operations.

“The ultra-fast broadband has transformed our digital connectivity, giving us stable video
calls, faster download speeds and time savings across the business. We didn’t realise the
significant difference the faster broadband would make to our office productivity and to our
customer’s virtual experience when on video tours of our showrooms. This is a real boost
for our business.”

The new digital hub has been greeted positively by many in the area, including Knowsley
Chamber of Commerce, Knowsley Growth Hub, and Knowsley Council. Cllr Tony Brennan,
Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development on Knowsley Council,
welcomed the move, saying “Knowsley Council welcomes the collaboration between Baltic

Broadband and Caldeira; a great example of a partnership that benefits not only Caldeira
but also provides more choice to our businesses across Knowsley Business Park.”

Power lines. Power equipment of power station. Production of Electric energy

Blackouts UK 2022: How can you keep your business working?

By Baltic Company News

The head of the National Grid has warned British households that blackouts may be imposed this winter.

Due to the consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine, rolling blackouts could be a possibility for the first time since the 1970s amid the coal miners’ strike and the oil crisis.

Baltic have an ideal solution to help desk-based businesses survive the coming Blackouts

Set on the city’s historic waterfront, Baltic Broadband’s Co-working Desk Space is positioned in the well-established King Edward Industrial Estate, in the heart of Princes Dock. 

The Liverpool City centre location is ideal for the freelancer, budding entrepreneurs, satellite workers, film companies or growing SMEs that need their own space within a 1 minute walk from the Central Business District. It’s also a great space for those who traditionally work from home and would like the opportunity to work in an office environment with the possibility of networking.

We offer both dedicated desks (that are in a large communal space) and dedicated secure self contained offices. 

What’s more, to help survive the predicted blackouts :

  • Each desk and office is protected using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), meaning that in the event of a power failure, your desk/office in our facility continues to operate
  • We have a large standby generator that powers the entire building, ensuring up to 12 hours of power for the entire facility
  • Our electric car charging points in our own car park will still continue to operate, so customers can recharge their vehicles during power-cuts
  • We have 100Gbps internet connection serving the entire site
  • The government and National Grid have an agreed list of facilities that will be exempt from a power cut – these are known as Protected Sites, Baltic Broadband have already applied for such status.


Two burned out wooden matches on black

Is your business prepared for UK winter blackouts?

By Interesting Things, Product

Last month, the National Grid warned that households and businesses could experience a series of three-hour power cuts this winter.

It comes amid growing fears of a national power outage if Vladimir Putin shuts off gas supplies from Russia and Britain experiences a cold snap.

Many small businesses don’t have any plans in place to deal with such an event, especially those who host their own on-site server rooms or depend on others who also have little or no backup systems in place.

Baltic are experiencing a large demand in customers moving away from on-premise server rooms. Many local businesses are realising that if the power cuts come, their office and back end systems will be unable to function correctly, affecting both staff within the office and homeworkers who are connected to it.

Baltic offer a wide range of options for customers wanting to have resilience in place by moving their infrastructure into our collocation facility, with packages starting from just £99 per month on a monthly rolling contract.

Our co-location data centres have UPS backup systems, generator backup while we also generate our own renewable power to help keep services up and live throughout the predicted blackouts.

Quite often, our rack prices come in lower than the on-premise cost of power, cooling and office rent anyway, so for many, it’s a no-brainer.

Backup connectivity with Wireless Internet

By Product

An internet outage, even for seconds, could be catastrophic for most businesses.

Imagine the dropped phone calls, loss of access to your cloud services and many other devices around your business that rely on the internet for their functioning, it would be disastrous.

Now imagine the loss of revenue, customer trust and reputational damage that could come as a result.

So, how can your business ensure resilience in your internet connectivity? By implementing a secondary connection to act as a backup, providing you with the resilience you need if the worst happens. In an outage, your failover connection takes over automatically to ensure business continuity.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is one of the best solutions for resilience as there’s no digging, no cables, and it provides business-grade leased lines of up to 40 Gigabits per second, installed within just 10 working days from your order and best of all, it has a monthly rolling contract.

It’s also a great solution for customers that already have fibre from another provider as their main connection. Fibre suffers from breaks, thefts, it’s insecure and runs along public highways that are forever being dug up.

With wireless internet, it comes through the air, over the top of roads and buildings and it not affected by the fibre issues above. It’s also more secure and resilient, therefore, an ideal candidate to compliment your fibre connection, by choosing a totally different technology for your backup.

Protect your business’s critical internet connection with a resilient wireless backup.

solar energy panels clean energy background

Energy Help for Baltic Customers: Now Extended

By Baltic Company News

In February 2022, we announced that we’re helping customers with their energy costs by offering access to very competitive electricity tariffs. That scheme ended on the 1st of October.

The energy crisis here in the Liverpool City Region is continuing to have a huge affect on our customers and we want to help if we can.

We’re pleased to announce that due to high demand, we’ve been able to re-start the scheme today, 24th October through to the 24th November 2022.

Interested parties should read the original article for more information.

Offer is subject to demand and we advise taking advantage as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Football ball with flags of world countries

Is your business ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

By Baltic Company News

Ensuring you’ve got a reliable World Cup 2022 live stream is one of the most important things you can do if you operate a hospitality venue this winter.

The long-awaited Qatar World Cup begins on November 20, and continues until December 18, with there being as many as four World Cup fixtures a day during the group stage.

Many hospitality venues around the region will want to show the live coverage in their venue, but many won’t be able to do so, due to poor internet access.

Baltic have already connected many hospitality venues to it’s high speed resilient network that has also special agreements in place to ensure that live streams of the football are consistent and work not matter how busy venues get.

Consider switching to Baltic for stable, reliable internet access, backed by 24/7 support to keep you connected.

Businessman clearing his desk after being made redundant

Recent Industry Redundancies

By Baltic Company News

As more and more tech companies are announcing redundancies we wanted to offer our help here at Baltic Broadband in two ways.
If you have been affected by redundancy and would like some help
or support please get in touch. If we can offer you any advice or involve you in one of our processes, we will be delighted to do so.
Likewise, if you are a company making redundancies you may want to direct staff to our job openings page as we are always recruiting and looking for great staff.

Matt Wilson CEO

Liverpool City Region: Cable Thefts

By Baltic Company News

The saga of ongoing cable thefts continues as more and more fibre optic lines are mistaken for copper by thieves and dug-up around the Liverpool City Region.

Businesses are powerless to act and have to wait days or week before their broadband is restored, causing untold damage.

Affected businesses should consider using Fixed Wireless Internet which is not affected by the Thefts or if your business needs urgent help now, take a look at our Emergency Internet Service.

Interesting Articles

Phone lines hit after cable theft in Neston – Liverpool Echo

Hundreds of Openreach telephone and broadband customers without service after thieves steal cables

Star readers respond to cable theft plea – St Helens Star

Cable Thieves Leave Oxfordshire UK Village Offline for Nearly 2 Weeks

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