Internet for Events, Exhibitions & Temporary Installations

Whether you’re holding an event in the middle of the city or the middle of nowhere, Baltic can supply temporary Internet to give you the connectivity that you need. We can deliver wireless and wired solutions to suit any number of connections including the setup and take down of an entire Wi-Fi network at your location and with bandwidth requirements from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

You can rent the system from a single day upwards and our experienced field engineers will make sure that our solution helps to make the most of your event or location.

We’ve provided solutions to include Cream, Positive Vibrations, the BBC, Threshold Festival Sound City and also for the Liverpool Giants that saw a crowds of over 1.3M people visit Liverpool over a four day period.

Increasingly, we are being asked to provide broadband to temporary businesses locations – for example construction or building sites with temporary offices, temporary office sites during building refurbishments or business conference locations that lack that all important fast connectivity.

We offer contracts spanning 1 day to 1 month rolling so that customers can plan in advance without being tied up in onerous contracts that many other providers offer.

Commercial Features

  • Services range from Internet only to the provision of a full WIFI capability for large crowds
  • Dedicated connections can be reserved for retailers, concession stand’s and Broadcasters
  • Fixed wireless at sites to mobile locations (roving location or moving vehicles) available
  • Equipment rental is available on a per hour or per day basis with various components available for rent

Technical Features

  • Fixed or static IP addresses available with rent-able blocks from /22’s to /30’s
  • VPN and tunnelling available so traffic at your event can be routed onto your existing office network , data centre or, layer 2 links, or via chosen breakout provider
  • Single or multiple feeds available for backup purposes
  • Delivery options range from point to point wireless, Infrared LED and Laser point to point links, satellite and multi-bonded 4G, or a combination of all of these