Good Broadband is so important these days

Not every Digital Connectivity provider is the same.

Many provide slow speeds coupled with poor customer service, others charge high rates for a mediocre service (who then extract the profits to faceless shareholders, quite often based abroad, with no reinvestment within the local LCR community).

There’s also the national companies who provide a service at a competitive cost, but treat their customers as numbers rather than people, driven by a do-nothing culture of poor performance thanks to customers signing long term onerous contracts.

Then there is Baltic Broadband. We’re here to revolutionise the industry by resetting the interplay between the user and the provider. We do this by providing excellent personal service from a group of experienced Engineers who are committed to ensuring our customers businesses stay connected around the clock.

Here are just some of the reasons why customers choose Baltic Broadband:

We’re probably the fastest Broadband provider in the region

Based on feedback from our customers, resellers and the fact that even our competition uses Baltic to deliver services to their end customers, we are, quite likely the fastest ISP in the Liverpool City Region.

We’re on their doorstep, ready to react 24/7

As a stones throw away, Baltic help our customers say connected around the clock while being available 24/7/365 should they feel they need us.

Customers keep us keen

With our famous monthly rolling contracts, our customers keep us on notice from day one, so should we ever get complacent, lazy or decide to drop our service levels, they can hold us to account.

Baltic are an independent Internet Network

We run our own national network connecting customers into the core of the internet, we don’t buy connections from other providers or resell anyone else’s products, we are the provider.

We have one of the most reliable and resilient networks in the region

We work hard to ensure high redundancy and resilience throughout our network so that customers enjoy a relatively trouble-free service during the entire connection life-cycle.

We manage and monitor their connection 24/7

If we spot an issue with a customers connectivity, we proactively get in touch, launching an investigation while keeping the customer in the loop so they can manage their operations accordingly.

Customers see us as a partner and not as a Broadband Provider

They rely us on us for honest, impartial advice and they know we’re looking out for them around the clock while keeping them informed with any new industry changes, products or helpful advice.

We’re Internet Experts who work with Pride

Our customers choose not to deal with incompetent call centres who read from a script, they work with time-served, highly trained Internet Engineers who enjoy explaining the complicated things in life  – in simple and easy to understand ways.

We’re quick to get customers connected

With our famous 10-day turnaround, customers not only enjoy ultra-fast internet speeds of up to 40Gbps, but rapid installation into their premises.

We keep the Internet local to our customers

Many of our competitors send internet traffic to London or Manchester to save costs, by using the Liverpool Internet Exchange, we help to keep traffic local to the region, improving latency times and internet quality.

 We generate all of our own renewable energy

The Energy that we used within our business comes from renewable sources, so our customers can calculate their carbon action footprint. We also provide discounted energy to help others.

Customers can use their connection outside of the office

Every customer has free unlimited access to the regions public WiFi hotspots, allowing them to use their high speed Broadband package on the move, free of charge.

What Our Customers Say

Baltic Broadband was one of the biggest positive impacts we could of made for our WFH workforce. Looking at yet another nationwide Virgin Media outage. This would currently be crippling our technical operations. Our office stays connected with Baltic Broadband. Whilst we see the backup line with Virgin Media, flap in the wind. Worth every penny

Peter BrooksWushu Studios

Today our business woke up to stirring down the barrel of the downtime gun with our current provider for the fourth time this month. Luckily, Baltic Broadband provides our backup circuit and we're able to failover, without them we'd be dead in the water. We're now moving our primary circuit and ditching our main provider as a result.

Rachel Povey

Baltic setup a 10Gbps WiFi service for our 1200 delegates who attended our conference across multiple large Liverpool venues over 2 days, including our own on-street branded city-wide private WiFi system, thank you!

Sophie Walker, Lush Cosmetics

As an accountant you'd expect I'd be a numbers man. Years in business 27, number of staff 81, number of offices 3, number of time our broadband has gone down in 3.5 years with Baltic = zero. Yes I have to spend more with Baltic, but I get more, a whole lot more, you get what you pay for and Baltic Broadband are 100% worth the investment.

Paul MarrESP

We enjoyed using Baltic's city-wide network of Data Drop points that enabled us to upload our camera footage each day and on a 10Gbps connection over to our post-production facility.

Karl Hall, Twickenham Film Studios

We are very pleased with the service provided by Baltic Broadband. They understood our requirements and saw how we struggled on using 5G for your office which was proven to be unreliable. We’ve now got 350Mbps upload and download and it was installed within 10 working days, which will help transform our business.

Rob WycherleyMobius

Baltic provided us with a really fast and highly performing internet connection for our bar, studio space and outside event area, all delivered by a great team

Sadie Graham, Constellations Liverpool