For a growing number of businesses, losing their internet connection can have untold consequences for their organisation.

Lost orders, missed enquiries, lack of productivity and loss of customer confidence can damage your business, with sometimes limitless losses and liability.

Many of the current broadband providers in the market offer poor performing Service Level Agreements and only “target” to have you back on-line in numbers of days, rather than your actual need of “hours”.

Baltic Emergency Broadband is an urgent 24/7 call-out service that is designed to help non-Baltic customers get back on-line, quite often within just a few hours from your call to us and is available throughout the North West of England.

Baltic have a range of specialist portable connectivity equipment that can be deployed at a client premises, set up and integrated into existing infrastructure and get you back on-line until your regular provider comes on-line again, sometimes even allowing you to keep your existing IP addresses/services if your provider supports it.

Rapid Deployment

Deployed to your site, switched on and your business back in operation, normally within just a few hours from order

High Speeds Available

Choose bandwidths from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, normally available across the region with setup-time measured in hours not days


Uses a combination of Microwave Radio, TV White Space, Satellite, 5G and IR, all combined into a single high speed connection

Wired and Wireless connectivity available

Emergency Internet comes with both wireless (WiFi) and Wired (ethernet) options to suit various applications

Extend your office network

Point to point connectivity (layer 2) is available so you can extend your corporate network from other sites to help keep backend systems operational

Power options with 12 Hour Backup

Can run for 12 hours without mains power if required, ideal for power cut situations, or remote field applications

Prices start from £500 call-out fee and £250 per day rental

To order – call our 24 Hour Dedicated Emergency Internet Booking Line on 0151 279 1999

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you deploy this system?

Normally within a few hours from your completed order with us, depending on your location, access and any required support from your existing IT provider (if you have one).

As our aim is to have you operational again within the shortest time possible so sometimes we provide a reduced level of functionality to begin with, then add in more later, such as guest WiFi, building control systems etc that are not essential to your operation.

Do we need technical help to set it up?

No, this is a managed service, we take care of everything and get you back on-line as soon as possible.

Sometimes it is helpful to engage with your I.T team or anyone who knows technically how your existing setup works, so we can keep any delays with getting you live to a minimum.

How does this system work?

We have manufactured a range of portable systems that connect together various technologies, such as Microwave Radio, TV White Space, 4G, 5G, Satellite Internet and Infrared point to point.

All of these technologies are connected together into a single stable connection that provides your internet using Duplication And Deduplication methods.

Our self-built algorithms sends your data along all of the connections simultaneously ensuring High Availability so your data is consistent and resilient.

Customers don’t generally need to know all of the above, they just want to know that we can provide a stable and reliable connection that is deployed rapidly, so expect us to take care of all of the technical bits and bobs.

How Reliable is this solution?

It’s generally a very reliable solution due to the way that we bring in multiple connections into your site, setup in a resilient way.

We use this same technology for our live broadcasting customers in the media industry, which demands high availability and near zero downtime.

How portable is the system?

We have different type of solutions depending on the requirements, timescales and budget:

Backpack: a small portable backpack solution that is delivered to your premises, setup and provides speeds up to 200Mbps.

Roving Rack: a small suitcase size box on wheels that is delivered to your premises, setup and provides speeds up to 300Mbps.

Vehicle Based drive to Site : a large car or small van that has built-in systems. We quite often drive this to a customers site, park outside a back door and run cables from the vehicle to the customers communications room and can provide speeds up to 10Gbps.

Can I get static IP addresses with this?

Yes – you can have as many IP addresses that you require.  Normally we provide 6 usable public IP addresses (/29).

Can I use my existing providers IP addressing?

Yes – if your existing provider will engage with us rapidly and allow us to work with them to use any current IP addressing that you have.

How long can this system run for?

It will run for as long as you need it.

We have had some customers whereby there existing service has suffered a substantial event (fire, fibre break, roadworks etc) and have had to rent our system for several months before getting back to normal.

Who’s used Emergency Internet from Baltic?

What Our Customers Are Saying

We engaged Baltic Broadband and used its Emergency Internet service due to an issue with our IT company & ISP (due to an ongoing dispute) who terminated our hotel’s internet connection unexpectedly, affecting our payment/till systems, booking systems, WiFi and guests and at a time our hotel was at maximum weekend capacity.

Just 4 hours after signing their contract, Baltic Broadband rapidly deployed a 1Gbps Leased Line to our Liverpool City Centre hotel, enabling the hotel to become fully operational once again, helping to reduce operational issues and financial losses.

Ben Elder MIH, Director, Dixie Dean Hotel

Our existing provider were flummoxed as to why we are getting such regular severe dropouts that affected our call centre one weekend. Baltic went above and beyond the call of duty to work with us in providing a fast and reliable solution within just 6 hours, we owe you a pint guys!

Roger Jonas, Signature Living(Customer let down by existing provider and is now a permanent customer of Baltic)

Just to say thank you to Baltic who worked with us to get the Emergency Internet up and running during a street level power outage that lasted over a week. Their efforts allow us to keep streaming our live performances to the world during the 2021 lock-down

Paul Jones, Cavern Club(customer suffered area power failure that affect his broadband)

Thank you very much for setting up the connection to our offices on Church Street so quickly, I'm hearing good things from our office so far!

Anthony Osborne, Liverpool Bid Company

Our existing internet provider (BT) went off-line leaving us unable to take credit card payments or use any of our cloud based systems for days. Baltic's Emergency internet got us back on-line within 4 hours and unbelievably, at faster speeds than with BT!

John Barrow, Capital and Scull(small independent retailer in Liverpool City Centre)