Internet connectivity within 10 days

Business-grade, fully managed and uncontended internet access
100Mbps to 100Gbps within 10 days
30 Day Contracts with 100% SLA's.
24/7 Local Support


In Broadcast, every second counts, and failure is not an option

We are your go-to team of experts for Internet Broadcasting

Providing reliable low-latency connectivity and at short notice

(Cream on the Waterfront, 2021 - 2x 10Gbps Internet Connections - serving 290 credit card machines, 4K streaming and Free WiFi for 20,000 people over 4 days )


Connect Your Events

Enabling Outside Broadcasts in hard to reach areas

From Bars to Bingo Halls, Car Parks to Campervans & Concerts to Clubs

We've enabled them all


Get Back On-Line in an Emergency

Within just a few hours from your call
Urgent 24/7 call-out service
Rapid Deployment


Internet for the most challenging of Environments

Need connectivity for a major music event? We’ve got your back.

Broadcasting a breakfast show from a pop-up shop? No worries, we can sort it.
Streaming live from a field in the middle of nowhere? We've got you covered.


Liberating Businesses from Slow and Boring Internet

Challenging the Status Quo

Connecting the Unconnected


Discover the power of Baltic Broadband Now – Call us on 0151 279 1000

4-hour SLA with 100% guarantee availability

Ensure your business stays on-line 24/7 with our guaranteed Service Level Agreement, or get your money back if we fail to deliver.

Flexible packages from 100Mbps to 100Gbps

Our flexible monthly packages are available for any speed with just one months notice required.

Dedicated business support available 24/7, 7 days a week

Our Liverpool based team are here 24/7 for you if you need us, by email or phone our highly trained Engineers will assist with your issue promptly and professionally.

Synchronous Internet

All our packages offer Synchronous speeds, resulting in your upload and download being the same, which is a must for businesses these days.

Business Only Network

Our network is built for business, so we have no consumer traffic clogging up the network and slowing things during business hours.

Jelly WiFi

Take your Broadband package with you and use any of our city-wide public hotspots for free, allowing you to stayed connected while on the move.