Connectivity services for the Interactive Entertainment Industry

Baltic have been providing specialised services to the Liverpool City Region’s ground-breaking games industry for many years.

Our customers have been working with global brands such as; Sony, Tencent, Nintendo, EA Inc, Disney, Capcom and Activision with local companies being involved with some of the world’s most popular titles including Project Gotham, Racing, Destruction, Derby, Lemmings, Troll and I, Table Top Racing World Tour, Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet and The Witcher 3; Wild Hunt.

We help power our local games industry with business grade, low-latency, highly available connectivity and data centre services that power development & testing teams, artists, content distributors and for the delivery of immersive technologies (augmented reality, virtual reality etc) helping a growing number customers blur the lines between the physical and digital, revolutionising the way gamers play through to pioneering children’s heart surgery.

Our services range from simple internet access, point to point connections for offices, hosting of developer games consoles (in our data centres) through to the provision of guaranteed speed broadband connections for homeworkers that can also include a full layer 2 extension so a customers development LAN can be extended into an employees home.

Back in 2013, we also constructed LCR Play (originally called the Liverpool Game Developers Network) – a dual fibre and wireless digital network that circles the region: connecting up many of the regions studios, developers, testers and content creators so that they can share content, create test-programs and connect to each other on this super-low latency private network.

Here’s just some of the ways that we can help:

Low Latency Internet to your Offices

We can provide high speed internet connectivity from 100Mbps to 40Gbps, highly tuned for low latency to your key endpoints, installed within 10 days.

Resilient Internet as Standard

Every connection that we provide is not only powered by our highly resilient network, but we provide you with two separate connections as standard, delivered from separate geographical areas, creating a highly resilient pair of internet feeds.

Extend your Dev Network to your Homeworkers

Use our extensive network to connect your homeworkers via fixed wireless access or FTTP using layer 2, enabling the extension of your LAN beyond your office while retaining control with a single firewall.

Connect Together your Offices

Let us provide point to point ethernet connectivity to extend your corporate LAN between your office locations and at speeds up to 40Gbps with unlimited layer 2 VLAN’s available.

High Speed Private Connectivity to Cloud services

Let us provide private, secure and low latency connectivity to your cloud resources with guaranteed speeds and service level agreements and with unlimited data options available

Private Secure Connectivity to your Suppliers

Extend your LAN securely to your suppliers to share content, collaborate on projects and at LAN speeds up to 40Gbps with guaranteed latency and bandwidth options.

Create your own Local Private Cloud on your Doorstep

Consider moving cumbersome heat generating and power hungry servers away from your office and into our Local Data Centres, while extending your LAN (up to 40Gbps) and connecting your homeworkers .

Let us Power your Immersive Technologies

As founders of the Liverpool Internet Exchange, we’ll keep traffic local with low hops for your data, resulting in super low latency from server to end user, enabling a smooth experience for all.

Access LCR Play

Jump onto our private fibre network that circles the region, connecting up various Interactive Entertainment companies, content providers, testers and development houses as you share work, content and work together on projects.

Temporary Connectivity for Conferences & Events

Extend your development LAN, beta testing network and others to events and developer conferences that you organise, providing you with low latency, guaranteed speeds that’s charged by the week without commitments.

Let us provide your backup connectivity instead

Even if you are currently with another connectivity provider (especially using Fibre), let us provide a backup circuit via Fixed Wireless Access, providing you with the best of all worlds as part of your disaster recovery polices.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Baltic are clearly the local go-to experts for connectivity. For years we've relied on Baltic for low latency and high speed internet and other private connections to power our business. Having someone on your doorstep who's available 24/7, knows our business, our staff, how we work and understand the importance of resilient connectivity is invaluable to our business.

AnonymousLocal Games Developer

What a joy it is to work with such an innovative and caring company such as Baltic. Not only have they helped us move away from our old ISP, (who frankly treated us with utter contempt), they've installed 10Gbps of internet to our office of 95 staff within 4 days .. while all of the work was performed during the early hours to ensure we had no downtime or impact to our business, handholding us all the way through. Bravo!

AnonymousLocal Games Tester

Baltic provide a number of 10Gbps leased lines that connect our various offices together securely while providing our home workers with high speeds that connects to our platform within Baltic's Data Centres, allowing us to take a hands-off, centralised approach to our IT infrastructure and at costs lower than running it ourselves.

AnonymousLCR Based Games Company

Having had multiple power failures, issues with keeping our server room cool and grappling with the growing high costs of running an on-premise server room, we finally gave in and moved everything into Baltic's Data Centres. We're now spending less time running things, we've created more office space for our staff (now the server room as gone) while our servers are only a 10 min walk away from us.

AnonymousLocal Games Content Creator

We find Baltic a great company who are totally receptive to our needs. They provide a resilient business grade connection to our office while extending our private LAN to our homeworkers so they can choose when and where they want to work, without any drop in speeds, latency of have to endure the poor experience of the national broadband providers that they've experienced in the past.

AnonymousLCR Based Content Creator