Faster & more secure than fibre with lower latency & setup time

Our Fixed Wireless Access network gets you connected to the internet with speeds from 100Mbps to 40Gbps within 10 working days. We’re a pioneer in wireless connectivity and have many years experience in getting and keeping businesses connected all around the Liverpool City Region.

Ideal for small to large sized businesses, our advanced radio and microwave technology provides all the benefits of fibre but with faster installation times, backed by a 4-hour-to-fix guaranteed 99.95% service level agreement with compensation paid (if we fail).

We’ll also monitor your connection 24hrs a day, prioritising things like credit card machines, your most visited websites etc while providing you with 24/7 technical support should you need it.

We provide this service by installing a small dish (about the size of a dinner plate) on your roof or side wall, which is then wired to the router within your building.

We offer two types of Fixed Wireless Access: Standard Broadband Packages, or Dedicated Internet Packages with prices starting from £150/m.

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Delivered in just 10 days

As fixed Wireless Internet doesn’t involve digging and laying cables – it makes it quicker and easier to install, so it’s live 10 working days from your order.

Faster & Better than fibre

Fibre takes time to install, it can be dug up and damaged, it’s constantly being stolen, plus its slower due to not being point to point.

Bandwidth between 100Mbps and 40Gbps

Choose the option that suits your business requirements with the option to scale up your bandwidth quickly and easily as your business needs it and without penalty.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Our Fixed Wireless Internet service delivers 100% uptime, backed by a 4-hour guaranteed fix (if we fail) supported by our Connection Recovery service to get you back on-line if we cannot.

Monitored 24/7

Your connection is proactively monitored and supported by our Liverpool based technical team 24/7/365 – keeping you connected.

Same Upload and Download

Unlike fibre broadband, enjoy the same upload as your download which is how the internet was designed in the first place!

Say No to Wayleaves

We’re not beholden to Code Power and Code Operator restrictions, which means that we are able to deploy your connection rapidly and at scale.

No Phone Line Required

You don’t need a BT Line, filters, multiple routers or complex wiring. We use a single cable from our router to the dish on the roof.

Flex Your Bandwidth

Need to upgrade from 100Mbps to 40Gbps? For a month, a few months or permanently? We can normally do it for you within the hour.

Connected within just 10 days

Day 0

Contract signed and order accepted

Day 03

Project manager assigned, Engineering Survey Completed and location of installation of outdoor and indoor equipment confirmed with customer.

Day 04

Project manager confirms survey results and any additional scope of works required prior to our attendance.

Day 05

Installation details along with Risk & Method Statement sent to customer for approval.

Day 10

Installation of service to customers premises, then once the customers connection is live, we begin “soak testing” the connection to check its consistency, reliability and latency over the next 24 hours.

Day 11

Formal handover to customer, with issue of “certificate of handover” signed by Baltic.

This is a Business Grade Dedicated Internet Service that provides a dedicated and guaranteed speed and will be delivered using a Fixed Wireless Access service (FWA) (a small dish on your buildings roof or wall) with a managed router.

This service can also include a single WiFi router that will operate on both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz bands at no extra charge.

We’ll provide you with technical support and are available to answer your calls by phone or email 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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  • This is a fully managed service – Baltic will monitor 24/7 and maintain the router within the client premises
  • Power must be kept onto our router at all times and it must be kept safe and stored in a suitable location.
  • Customers do not have access to our router to change any settings and must not tamper with it.
  • Network Security  – This service does not include a firewall. Baltic are also not responsible for your network security and you are advised to have a suitably secure firewall solution in place before connecting your company network to the internet.

Can I order additional IP Addresses?

Yes, just let us know what additional IP blocks that you require, either during your order, or these can be added later at any time.

How will I know if you cover my area?

We cover most areas in the Liverpool City Region, please contact us to check your building for coverage.

Does the weather affect the service?

Simply put, no, our wireless service is not affected by weather hence why we can offer a 99.95% service level agreement with this product.

How is Wireless Faster than Fibre?

Wireless is inherently faster then fibre due it’s point to point nature, meaning it goes from our masts to your property directly (as the crow fly’s). 

Fibre is wired around the streets following ducting and poles, with typically 3-4 joints before it reaches you, all degrading it’s performance.

Remember, due to fibre being buried, it also suffers from being cut by people digging up the road, harsh weather conditions and thefts due to thief’s confusing it with copper cabling.  Read our full article Wireless Vs Fibre.

Wireless Connection Statistics

Connected People
Average Install Lead-Time
Av.Yearly Uptime (99.997%)

Example Installations

Who’s Using Fixed Wireless Access From Baltic?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Baltic Broadband was one of the biggest positive impacts we could of made for our WFH workforce. Looking at yet another nationwide Virgin Media outage. This would currently be crippling out technical operations. Our office stays connected with Baltic Broadband. Whilst we see the backup line with Virgin Media, flap in the wind.

Worth every penny

Peter BrooksWushu Studios

Baltic's team went the extra mile with supplying their Fixed Wireless Access product into our new premises at Liverpool One. So far, we've enjoyed an excellent & stable service that has beat the competition hands down. Fast installation and great personal service from what is a clearly and industry leader.

Mark Beardsell, CBRE Managed Services Ltd

Our previous internet provider struggled to maintain consistent speeds and reliability and was unable to accept responsibility for repeated outages, which were only aggravated by turning off their contact center phones every time there was an issue. Baltic provided a 350Mbps (upload and download) guaranteed speed connection with 24/7 support and with both a private and guest wifi system that covers 100% of our studio space.

We’ve found the new internet connection to be a big improvement to our productivity and everyone in the studio has given good feedback. We're also really pleased with how fast the turnaround was (from order to a complete working system). Thank you Baltic for supplying us with much better overall service.

Ben McWilliamsDraw and Code

We engaged Baltic Broadband and used its Fixed Wireless Access service due to an issue with our IT company & ISP (due to an ongoing dispute) who terminated our hotel’s internet connection unexpectedly, affecting our payment/till systems, booking systems, WiFi and guests and at a time our hotel was at maximum weekend capacity.

Just 4 hours after signing their contract, Baltic Broadband rapidly deployed a 1Gbps Leased Line to our Liverpool City Centre hotel, enabling the hotel to become fully operational once again, helping to reduce operational issues and financial losses.

Ben Elder MIH, Director, Dixie Dean Hotel

Baltic installed a high speed service using the fixed wireless access product. We are very happy with the performance provided and the additional support with upgrading it (within hours) as our team has expanded. With being Wireless, we did not need to have fibre cables installed or our car park dug-up, so we are happy in many areas!

Mike Mounfield, Lu Ban Restaurant Limited

Baltic's Fixed Wireless Access Product allowed us to get up and running within a matter of days, while BT and others had a 6 month lead-time. Their 20Gbps of Internet provided us with a stable, cost effective service that was very fast and reliable.

Cream Liverpool

We've had fibre for years and regularly have at least 2 fibre breaks each year without fail. While our old provider does come out and repair it for free, the downtime to our business was severe. Since we switched to Baltic's Fixed Wireless Access product, we've had 2.3 years continual service so far without any downtime at all, despite local power cuts, 100mph winds, bad weather, heat waves and more!

Tim Ackers, Mclaren Automotive

"Baltic's installation of a wireless connection into our Liverpool City Centre offices has provided us with a much more reliable, stable and faster service than with our previous provider who was more expensive. With our new Baltic connection, I can link our studio's software to remote post-production studios at lightning speed and it's consistent, and so far so good, we are really happy with Baltic Broadband!"

Sam AugusteOnomatopoeia Post

Baltic provided our new office with a wireless connection far faster than we'd been quoted by other providers. Not only did they take the time to come out to see us and sit down to explain in layman terms how things would work, they really went the extra mile to look after us, quite a refreshing change from BT and others who treat us with contempt!

James Sergeant

Baltic Broadband really showed their strengths with getting our 500Mbps wireless leased line running in just 3 days from order, Bravo!, we are now able to complete our move far quicker than the 90 days quoted by other providers, plus I love that I'm now dealing with a local company rather than an overseas call center type operation who won't really value our business.

John BjornestadPinpoint Couriers

We are very happy with Baltic's Fixed Wireless Access product, we've had one single downtime event in 3 years (that was our own power cut) and no cause or reason to contact Baltic's support due to the fantastic uptime we've enjoyed. The business next door to us has a fibre coming into his property and has endured years of misery with the regular failures, that is, until we told him about Baltic and he's now moved over.

Sarah Roberts, Pioneer Healthcare

Baltic enabled our City Stop apartments with high speed internet, and since then, our on-line reviews have really improved, with all guests now being able to stream, do social media and even work during their stay with us. A good internet connection provided by a local company who really cares about our business is hard to come by, what a great find Baltic Broadband really was!

Andzelika AntuchaiteCity Stop Apartments

We already have fibre into our premises that acts as our main line for our 80+ office based staff. We use Baltic's Fixed Wireless product as a backup as it's a perfect technology to counter the often fibre breaks that we have on the main line. Wireless is an ideal product to use as a backup because it does not travel along the same routes as fibre, it simply comes through the air. Now we have the best of both worlds.

Large PLC in Liverpool

Baltic's installation of a wireless connection into our Liverpool City Centre offices has transformed our operation with a 1Gbps Connection. Not only was it installed within a few days, we have 8 times faster speed for half the price!

Karen Woodside, Merseyside Law Centre(Baltic customer installed March 2022 with Fixed Wireless Access Product)

Baltic set up our new Fixed Wireless Access service in record time. We've enjoyed high speeds and super reliable service all the way through.

James, Rose, St James House PLC

Fixed Wireless Access was clearly the choice when faced with months of road closures, digging up the city's streets and the pain having to deal with overseas call centres for 9+ months (with BT). One call to Baltic resulted in a 1Gbps service that was installed within 4 working days and more stable that we've ever had from any of the other providers in our other properties.

John Graham, Contract Vehicles

Baltic have been able to setup the Fixed Wireless Internet product to our premises within just a few days and for at least half the cost of the nearest competition. As we share the building with our tenants, it was also a great asset to help attract people into our space as we have Liverpool's Fastest internet already installed and waiting for them!

Rachel Bird, City Hearts

A a small business, we really struggled with getting good reliable connectivity from BT and on 4G. Based in the Liverpool City Centre, we struggled to take card payments as our internet was very slow and totally unreliable. Thanks to Baltic Broadband, we went from 4Mbps download and 700Kbps upload to 350Mbps upload and download within a matter of days, now I just need our staff to wash the cars faster! 🙂

Ali AlqasbJamaica Street Car Wash

Fantastic working with you on this one! Super quick turnaround, fantastic comms throughout!

Alexander AsheBritannia IT

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