Get up and running with your internet connection within the hour

Baltic Enabled Buildings (BBEB’s) are pre-installed buildings throughout the region that have been pre-wired for tenants to go live with internet rapidly.

BBEB’s are also partnerships between a landlord (who want their building to have the best internet speeds available) and Baltic who want to help further businesses by expanding our network into it.

Most buildings boast 40Gbps of connectivity, with levels of resilience, backup power and 24/7 monitoring that help transform it into an elite class of ultra-connected buildings within the Liverpool City Region, many of which have been independently certified and included in the LCR Connected database.

In addition to fast connectivity to the internet, in every BBEB we install a range of other connections that further help distinguish it against competitive buildings, such as access to the local LCR Play Games Network, LoRaWAN network and local access to our Connected Venue’s product.

To find out if you are present in a Baltic Enabled Building, please ask your landlord or contact us for further information and pricing.

New BBEB’s are being considered all of the time, if you are a Landlord and desire for your building to be enabled, please see our Landlord page here.

Delivered Same Day

As the service has been pre-installed within the building, we can switch your new internet service on the same day.

Bandwidth between 50Mbps and 40Gbps

Choose the option that suits your business requirements with the option to scale up your bandwidth quickly and easily as your business needs it and without penalty.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Our Baltic Enabled Building connections service delivers 100% uptime, backed by a 4-hour guaranteed fix (if we fail) supported by our Connection Recovery service to get you back on-line if we cannot.

Say no to Wayleaves

We’re not beholden to Code Power and Code Operator restrictions, which means that we are able to deploy your connection rapidly and at scale.

Future Proofed Connection

Need to upgrade from 50Mbps to 40Gbps? For a month, a few months or permanently? We can normally do it for you within the hour.

Monitored 24/7

Your connection is proactively monitored and supported by our Liverpool based technical team 24/7/365 – keeping you connected.

Who’s In a Baltic Enabled Building?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Moving into a BBEB was a wise choice for our charity, we were able to get up and running the same day (due to an urgent office relocation) and with fast speeds coupled with a brilliant service from Baltic Broadband!

Lisa, Williams, Hope & Will Ltd

Baltic's installation of the 10Gbps fibre line into our co-working space has helped us transform our operation. Our residents can now access the internet at blazingly fast speeds.

Chris Witterick, Launch22

Baltic installed a new fast 1Gbps connection into our new office within days complete with an internal WiFi system for internal distribution.

Tom Espin, Castore

Baltic's pre-enabled building allowed us to go live with our call centre within the same day we moved in, and at very high speeds, unlike the competition that quoted 90 working days!

Mark Jones, Ruby Debt Solutions Limited