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We at Baltic Broadband are well aware of the effects that the recent large increases in energy costs are having for a lot of customers, especially those small business and charities/good causes that are in financial distress.

Baltic is a high user of electrical energy and procures electricity at wholesale rates on long term agreements, all from renewable sources. Baltic’s directors also own Squeaky Energy, a renewable energy company that’s been generating renewable energy here in the Liverpool region since 2014.

More importantly though, Baltic Broadband also have multiple power generation sites throughout the Liverpool City Region that generate clean renewable energy every day of the year, read more here.

Fortunately, we often over-generate and sell this power back to the grid at various times of the year, making a surplus as a result.  This, combined with our low wholesale import costs help to reduce our actual unit rate to a very reasonable low rate, now see as very cheap in this crazy energy market.

Electricity rates have risen dramatically in recent times for our customers and will likely rise even more over this coming summer and for many, the huge increases in overheads is having a devastating impact on their organisation that will no doubt affect local jobs and the Liverpool City Regions prosperity.

It’s because of this and our want to help our local community (as we do already with free broadband) that we’d like to announce help by providing discounted energy to as many organisations as we can.

We are asking for interested customers to apply in order to switch their electricity supply to us for a 12 month period, at the fixed unit rate of £0.15p per Kwh (current market rate is around £0.61p.Kwh!) with no standing charge payable.

The process is very simple and once the transfer is complete (normally within 5 working days) your usage will appear on your next broadband invoice as an additional charge and taken by your existing Direct Debit.

In order to qualify for our help, we do have the following criteria:

  • Must have a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) (see last elec bill)
  • Must be an existing Baltic Broadband customer
  • Must be a small business, charity, school, CIC or other good cause that does great things in our community
  • Must be able to show how high energy costs are having a detrimental effect on their organisation (example previous bills, cash flow statement, a simple statement laying out the detail will do)
  • Must pay by Direct Debit for the units used for the month previous
  • Must remain a Baltic Broadband customer through the period of usage

Organisations that wish to apply are advised to check any termination fee’s from their existing provider and take meter readings on the day of the move. 

Successful applicants will receive a full welcome pack that will provide all of the required detail from our third party administration company that will handle the transfer.

We are running this scheme starting today 19th February 2022 through to the 1st October 2022.

To apply, please email and someone will be in touch shortly to arrange an initial phone call to check eligibility.