The Drive-to-site Instant Connectivity Solution

The Baltic Connectivity Vehicle is a drive-to-site connectivity solution that provides digital connectivity anywhere you need it, and with speeds up to 20Gbps possible in an instant.

The self-powered 4×4 SUV is packed with various built-in connectivity options from 2.5G, 3G, 4G & 5G, to dual satellite, WiFi, LP WAN, LoraWAN and Fixed Wireless Access Microwave that work together and can be configured (depending on your application) for High Availability or High Speed internet access for any location.

Whether you require connectivity in natural disaster zones or on-location in remote areas, the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle’s capabilities help you to get online from the most challenging of places.

Discover our Dry Hire Rates, Learn About it’s Features, Read our FAQ or learn why Customers Decide to Choose Baltic Broadband.


Fast Upload & Download Speeds

Depending on your configuration, the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle can provide up to 1Gbps download (100 Mbps upload ) on cellular 5G, 200Mbps download (100 Mbps upload) on Satellite and upto 20Gbps on Microwave.

Go Live within 3 minutes

With a boot-to-live time of just 60 seconds for cellular connectivity and 3 minutes for the satellites (to align themselves), you can deploy instant connectivity & go live within no-time.

12 Hrs Continuous Run-time

Thanks to it’s large on-board batteries, the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle is designed to run for 12 hours continually without shore power, enabling connectivity in the hardest to reach locations.

Static IP Addresses Available

Add external (public) IPV4 & IPv6 static IP addresses to your setup, allowing you to run your own routers, firewalls & open ports without carrier grade NAT or other restrictions to your application.

Recharge on the Move

Thanks to it’s onboard split charging system, the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle recharges it’s main batteries when travelling from site to site, resulting in fully charged batteries before you deploy it to your intended location.

360 Degree High Powered WiFi

Private & guest WiFi (with a range up to 100 meters) is broadcast around the vehicle with your own branded WiFi names, passwords and VLAN’s while adopting the latest WiFi 6 standards.

Connect Together Your Locations

Use the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle to connect together locations so talkback systems can work across sites, lighting can be synchronised etc, working just like a long ethernet cable between your locations which means anything is possible.

On-Board Uninterruptible Power

Many locations suffer from power shore power failures (generator failure, breakers tripping etc) however the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle has a 12 hour UPS that takes over without interruption (in a power outage).

Go to 20Gbps with Microwave

For inter-city locations, add Fixed Wireless Access Microwave capability to bring speeds up to 20Gbps (upload and download), bringing a portable leased-line to your location.

Baltic Connectivity Vehicle in Location

Dry Hire Rates

Dry-Hire, pickup from our HQ, with remote telephone support by phone and email if required.

An on-site Engineer can be added at the additional cost of £350/day. Fixed Wireless Access is priced individually, please contact us if you require this add-on.

Daily Rental

£ 250

per day
  • £99 booking fee
  • Unlimited data during hire
  • Monitored/ Maintained 24/7
  • 24/7 Telephone Support
  • Branded WiFi available
  • 100 Mile/day mileage allowance
Order Daily Rental

Weekly RentalBest Value

£ 1500

per week
  • £99 booking fee
  • Unlimited data during hire
  • Monitored/ Maintained 24/7
  • 24/7 Telephone Support
  • Branded WiFi available
  • 100 Mile/day mileage allowance
Order Weekly Rental

All prices are plus VAT and are billed in advance.  A security deposit may be required.

Use Cases (High Availability Mode)

High Availability is the elimination of single points of failure through resilience, it is a concept that sends a copy of your data over several internet connections simultaneously (3G, 4G, 5G, Satellite, Microwave etc).

It does not use bonding, instead, the first data to arrive at our Data Centre (from the connectivity vehicle) gets used, with the rest being deleted, ensuring that the data is always fast to arrive, consistent, free from errors and ensuring that no single failure can affect it’s operation.

Live Broadcasting

Providing streaming for Concerts, live events, radio stations, TV Stations, conferences and live TV link-ups to remote studios or Live streaming to Social media streaming channels like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope etc.

Business Conferencing & Applications

Business applications that run zoom and conference calls at a remote location, require IP phone services or have a remote office in a field location that may also need connecting back to a central office or a centralised network.

Pub and licensed venues

Connecting venues that need to play a live broadcast (Football, Olympics etc) and need a reliable internet feed for a fix period of time without having to upgrade key infrastructure, without contracts, installation of fixed equipment and without disruption of existing I.T infrastructure.

Point to Point Connectivity

Customers who need a reliable layer 2 network connection between two remote locations, allowing them full control over network traffic and routing, effectively acting as a LAN cable between point A and point B.

Use Cases (Bonded for Speed Mode)

Bonded for Speed connects together multiple internet connections in order to achieve the fastest speeds possible. This is done by “bonding” the various on-board internet connections to provide you with the maximise upload and download speed at your location.

While this is ideal for file uploads/downloads, content etc, it’s less reliable and consistent than High Availability is therefore is not recommended for live applications such as streaming.

Film & TV Companies

All types of media companies that need to upload their content, rushes and footage to post production facilities from a film set within a constrained time-frame from a remote location, at the highest speeds possible, in order to achieve deadlines for content delivery.

Photography and Social Media

Enabling Photographers & Social Media Content creators who need to upload/download raw content to various cloud platforms from within the field, direct to endpoints for back-end editing and distribution.

Business Conferences

A business conference, events or social gatherings at a remote location, that wishes to provide Guest WiFi and wired internet for a period of time to a large amount of users and required the fastest of speeds in order to handle the load.

VPN and Private Communications in the Field

A business conference, event or social gathering that wants to provide Guest WiFi for a period of time that is expected to have a lot of WiFi users simultaneously using the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle when I could just buy a 4G modem box?

The Baltic Connectivity Vehicle and a 4G modem are no comparison. Many customers that come to us for this service have used regular 4G services and been let down by its performance, restricted by Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) and lack of support.

Here are just a few of the differences between the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle and a 4G modem:

  • Increase your chances of your data getting through.  By utilising simultaneous internet connections you’ll increase your chances of connection reliability especially during crowded events whereby other 4G users are all competing with each other for bandwidth and mobile mast airtime
  • We use Carrier Aggregation on each connection (making use of multiple mobile carriers frequencies resulting in higher speeds in areas of high amount of mobile users)
  • We use Business grade (non-consumer grade) unlimited data SIM cards for each of the mobile connections as such it’s not constrained by the mobile carriers fair use policies for excessive use
  • You get a static IP address(s) that remains consistent for the life of the hire, or it can remain permanent for all future hires (by arrangement)
  • It has higher gain antennas that connects to various mobile masts and an high gain interference rejection filter, something that regular 4G modems don’t have
  • We connect directly to the mobile operators RAN (Radio Access Network), allowing us to provide our own internet “over the top” and therefore don’t use the the highly contented, bandwidth shaped and performance managed broadband that they usually provide (you will have Baltic’s Internet)
  • We optimise your connection by automatically shortening the path between you and your end point (for example, we directly peer with YouTube and many more (have a direct connection with them) in order to keep latency, packet loss and dropped frames as low as possible)
  • You are always using Baltic’s own internet each time not anyone else’s, meaning that we can fine-tune it to your application.

What speeds can I realistically get?

Generally the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle can provide speeds up to 20Gbps (if Fixed Wireless Access Microwave (FWA) is added onto your hire) and at a wide range of locations   This is performed using a combination of technologies working together, but generally, here’s a guide to help:

Used within cites (using 2.5G, 3G, 4G & 5G) – Speeds up to 1Gbps download and 200Mbps upload (or 20Gbps if FWA is added)

Used in rural settings (no 5G, only 2-4G and or Satellite) – Speeds up to 250Mbps download and 100Mbps upload

Used in very poor areas with little to no mobile connectivity and poor satellite connectivity  – Speeds up to 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload

Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed Wireless access can be added on for an extra cost to any hire and is only available in city locations throughout the UK, subject to survey.  Customers that typically require FWA tend to be high bandwidth users such as large concerts, live egaming events or business conferences.

How is it powered/how long do the batteries last?

During our testing and with feedback from customers, 12 hours is a realistic duration on a single charge, perhaps a little longer if the dual satellite system isn’t used (as they consume more power than the cellular system).

The on-board 650Ah batteries are charged using the on-board supercharger:

  • By plugging into a 230V power supply (shore power) via a regular UK 13amp plug
  • By plugging into a 230V power supply (shore power) using a 3-Pin 16A commando
  • When driving to the location (the vehicle provides a split-charging function)
  • Using the optional generator (as seen in the photos above)
  • Using optional solar panels

Once the charging process begins, it takes around 2 hours to charge the batteries to 100%.  The system has been designed to be used while charging and due to the on-board UPS, power can be removed at any time without affecting the connectivity operation.

Hoes does the Layer2 link work?

If you hire multiple portable connectivity solutions from us, you can ask for a private link to be created between them at no extra charge.

This link acts as a flat Layer 2 connection (like a long network cable between both or multiple devices) (sometimes called MPLS) connecting them together on the same physical network.  Customers use this feature to connect together various equipment types or when they need all devices on a single flat network that they control (the devices could be on the other side of the country from each other!), which is a handy feature to have.

Customers that tend to use this feature are IT companies, Film Companies (that connect together film set equipment), Music Festivals (backend lighting control) talk back channels for remote crews, or customers of Baltic Broadband who wish to extend their office network into the remote field.

Can I add more mobile connections in order to bond speed or add further redundancy to my connection?

Yes, you can add up to 24 internet connections into the Connectivity Vehicle (when used for High Availability Mode), for example ADSL/DSL lines, Cable, Leased Lines and even satellite more internet connections.

Every additional contribution that you provide gets added to the mix of connections that the Connectivity Vehicle uses, sending your data across all connections.  The first data to arrive at the endpoint (our data centre) gets used and passed on, normally the one with the lowest latency.

What can the on-site Engineer do for us if I select this option?

An on-site Engineer can be added for the daily cost of £350+VAT, based on a full day being 9am till 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Having an Engineer on-site can prove invaluable as they provide on-location support around the clock to help your operational not only with the Baltic Connectivity Vehicle, but with anything connected to it.  Typically this IT support could be used for :

  • Providing support to till systems, card machines, lighting, sound systems, printers etc
  • Help debugging your internal IT issues, third party devices/systems
  • Help with setting up streaming, testing
  • Help with getting your staff/visitors connected to WiFi
  • General PC Support
  • Another pair of hands on-site for most things tech related

What additional accessories can be ordered

For a small extra charge, you can hire additional items as below:

  • Armoured ethernet cables (copper or fibre) (up to 10km),
  • Power generator (to power the connected car when batteries are low)
  • Solar Panels to charge the Connectivity Vehicle

What Our Customers Are Saying

We're regularly commissioned by filmmakers to create mobile film sets around the UK. We hire Baltic's Connectivity Vehicle each time as it allows us provide high speed WiFi on-location, dedicated rush upload points and connectivity for general back-office applications without long term contracts, high fee's or big cancellation charges as normally offered by the other industry incumbents. We find Baltic's customer service & support second to none, they go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy and we find them reliable, responsive, knowledgeable and will find a solution to any problem thrown at them.

David JamesNational On-Location Provider

I appreciate all the effort you have put into making this work. It’s great to work with people who see a commitment beyond the invoice.

Richard EverissCBBC, So Awkward Series 7

Thanks for the great help that your team provided us in securing a 2Gbps internet connection to our film set for the 16 week shoot. Being able to upload raw footage directly from the set while providing our various departments with very fast WiFi, backed with 24/7 tech support really transformed how we worked. When we film again in the region, we'll certainly be using Baltic for our connectivity requirements.

Richard BainesPrivate Filming Client

We used Baltic's Connectivity Vehicle to provide high speed internet to 1200 guests at our national business conference. In our experience, there's not many providers out there who are willing to rock up to 10Gbps of internet (within a few days notice), provide guest wifi, streaming capability and charged by a very competitive daily rate from a vehicle parked outside while supporting us 24hrs a day in case we ever had a problem. Well done team Baltic!

Tim JohnsonLush Cosmetics

Who’s Using Baltic’s Portable Connectivity Solutions?