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The team at Baltic Broadband has just completed a new tenant install for the Bagel Factory on Wall Street, in Liverpool One.

The Bagel Factory is known for serving super-fresh bagels, tasty snacks, chilled drinks and Lavazza coffees. Their primary focus is on sourcing high-quality ingredients to produce fresh and healthy food.

This project was quite a challenge, getting underground fibre (with no entry directly) into this kiosk that was built after the estate opened, with us having to come up with some innovative ideas to “magic” the cable into the kiosk and without affecting other tenants on the estate during their trading hours.

Working in the rain at 6am (before most places opened), we worked through the early hours to connect the new tenant onto our 100Gbps fibre network that circles Liverpool One, getting them live within 5 days from the order and more importantly live days before their opening day.