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Taylor Swift: Another Fantastic Project Delivered :  On-street city-wide Free WiFi for “Taylor Town” in Liverpool this last week.

Baltic Broadband set up a large public WiFi system across the streets of Liverpool city centre that allowed the 150,000 plus “Swifties” to stay connected with free (unlimited data) WiFi who travelled to the city from across the world.

Our dedicated microsite also provided visitors with access to local information, traveling advice, signposting for local businesses and much more.

Taylor is such a talented lyricist, singer and musician. Yet is flawed like us all and able to share those human experiences so eloquently in a way that unites everybody. 

It reminded us of the music video production that we worked on for Taylor Swift’s “I Can See You” last year in the Cunard building which is part of our Connected Venues Network, read more at 

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