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The Liverpool Bid company needed internet to their office on Church Street, Liverpool.

Others had tried then failed to deliver.

Problem : We weren’t permitted to bring fibre into the building, nor install wireless antennas on the roof…and 4G coverage was poor and could not deliver fast stable speeds.

Should we pack up and go home?  Most companies would have.  Not Baltic Broadband.

The only thing we could use was the office windows.  Unfortunately, there was no line of sight to our masts due to being boxed in by surrounding tall buildings.

Solution: We did have a POP site directly behind the Bid’s offices, however it wasn’t facing the windows. We figured out that we could actually bounce the radio signal off the building opposite.

Using the cladding of the H&M store, its construction acted as an ideal reflector to bounce the signal directly into our customers windows!….and there we installed our dish.

150Mbps upload and download all the way.  Guaranteed speeds.  24/7 support with generous service level agreement.