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With no fibre present in the building and the landlord refusing to allow us to install it, how does one get fast Broadband for this “work from home” customer?

Simple. One call to Baltic Broadband. Oh, hang on … .the landlord has also denied access to put a wireless antenna onto the roof…and said “you can do what you want in the apartment and window as that is the tenants’, however you are not allowed on the roof or anywhere else” (without a substantial payment!)

No problem. Baltic made a custom mount and attached it to the customers window, with a special flat cable that fits between the window seals, providing 350Mbps upload and download with guaranteed speeds and a 4-hour SLA.

From business conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, product launches, sporting events, fashion shows, government events, art fairs, pop-up shops, muddy fields, disused warehouses, docksides, moving vehicles, churches and even flying 1500ft in the air , we’ve yet to be beaten by a connectivity challenge.