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Today, the team behind Baltic Broadband have launched a new fibre broadband provider for the residential market in the Liverpool City Region.

Mersey Fibre will have a focus on multi-dwelling units (blocks of flats, apartments etc) and provide a high quality broadband service for home users, backed by a local support team.

Currently it’s early days as Mersey Fibre is just setting things up and it begins trading today, however over the next few months it aims to launch a series of competitive packages that has instant setup, guaranteed speeds, free WiFi roaming (though the Liverpool City Region’s streets), a teleport service that enables customers to use their home Broadband when traveling and a special broadband mode to help gamers get the best ping times possible.

Poor Customer Service

Matt Wilson, founder and CEO said “after seeing so many competitors epic fail on customer service, unsustainable pricing offers and treat their customers with utter contempt, we think it’s high time for a new breed of ISP that is centered around the customer with outstanding support and delivered locally using the region’s internet rather than on an extension lead from London”

“We believe that people are sick of poor customer service, limited time offers, hidden pricing, poor support and poor technical delivery.  Much of the market is driven on price with a downwards race to the bottom that is ultimately paid for by taxpayers”

“In the last 5 years, the region has seen a wide range of new market entrants, many who started with good intentions, however as standards have slipped, many are now going out of business or now risk being consolidated into much bigger companies”

“Just as we did with Baltic Broadband when we disrupted the local business Broadband market, we believe it’s now time to create a new type of company to disrupt the current residential market offering, adding additional choice and more competition into the market and look forwarding to adding our first customers later on in 2024”

If you are a landlord and would like to work with Mersey Fibre to get your tenants a better broadband offering, provided by a local company who really cares, please get in touch.