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One way we do that is through our Cloud Connections. Our direct connections to popular Cloud-based services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Webair means that you’ll have a path directly to those applications.  In other words, your connection will be more faster and more stable than other websites. Through this link, you can see more of our cloud connections and what exactly it entails.  And, of course, if you have any questions then feel free to contact us!

We also can prioritise direct connections to other necessary services.

Another way that we can help your internet work for you is through direct connections based on your needs.  For example, let’s say you work at an Accounting Firm.  We can prioritise your connection to the HMRC online services.  This will provide you with a direct and stable connection so that, when inputting important tax information, you can be assured that you’ll remain connected and secure. This is true of a lot more than just accounting firms, too.  No matter the kind of business you’ve got, we can help! We’ve even got Broadband-Enabled building plans for landlords and Student Housing plans for university housing projects.

Baltic Broadband also offers a host of different options based on your needs.

With a whole host of different options, speeds, contention ratios, setup-times, and customer service hours, we’ve got what you need whether you’re a giant or a cornerstone.  Dedicated lines all offer you a direct connection with no other companies on it, meaning it’ll stay stable and secure, but at a higher cost.  Our business broadband options, on the other hand, give you a cheaper alternative that might (but likely won’t) slow down your speeds. We’ve even got plans for on-the-go businesses that need a stable internet connection while remaining mobile.  Our 4G connectivity can give a business the freedom to go where they need to when they need to without having to limit their internet capabilities.

What more can we do?

A lot.  We’ve got a whole host of other features and perks to each of the different plans.  Contact us or check out some of our blogs to get to know exactly what plan might fit you best.]]>

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