Baltic Broadband Enabled Buildings

These days a good office location is not just about good layouts, decor and location – Fast and reliable Internet Connectivity is now a key requirement for most businesses”

Internet is an essential utility, like heat or hot water and property owners can use high quality Internet Connections to make their buildings more competitive and more desirable to prospective tenants.

With our famous 60-second signup, tenants have connectivity and their own private network from day one of their tenancy; while going forward they also have options to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth in just a few clicks, all without long term onerous contracts.

By becoming a Baltic Broadband Enabled Building (BBEB), landlords can gain a substantial competitive edge against many of the neighbouring buildings that simply offer the often mis-sold “Fibre Broadband” that proves to be a continued disappointment for Tenants.

Becoming a BBEB is easy, we conduct an initial survey and discuss the types of services that you would like to offer your Tenants while checking that your existing I.T infrastructure within the building is suitable and once agreed we can issue proposed costings and timelines against a project delivery plan.

From a technical point of view, we will likely install a 10Gbps connection directly from the heart of Liverpool’s Internet Exchange, ensuring that your tenants receive the Internet rich and pure, making your building a very appealing proposition indeed.

Current List of Enabled Buildings

The following buildings have active services, while there are around 10 other buildings currently being enabled, these will appear there shortly:


As there is quite often space available in these buildings for new tenants, we are happy to help make an introduction to the landlords for Baltic Broadband customers, please contact us to arrange this.

A Baltic Broadband Enabled Building is a Powerful Offering

Make your building stand out from the Competition

Same Day Setup

All BB Enabled buildings offer same day setup, enabling Tenants to hit the ground running by simply plugging in and using our famous 60 second signup

One Month Contracts

With our 1 month contracts, you can offer Tenants more flexible Tenancies without them having to worry about long term tie-in's

Up to 10GB Connections Available

Cater for even the most Data hungry Tenants by offering speeds from 10 MB to 10 GB, blowing the Competition out of the water

Quailty Technical Support

Let us handle the Tech so you don't have to, your Tenants will be backed by good Customer Service delivered here in Liverpool

Offer Tenants Competitively Priced Broadband

With the right service at the right price, businesses flock to Baltic's enabled buildings to access such competitive Internet prices

Stay in the Loop 24/7

If there's a problem with our service in your building you'll be the first to know. Your Tenants can also get downtime alerts by Email, Text message and Instant Messaging.

Offer Communal Personalised WI-FI

Offer your Tenants their own customised WI-FI solution based on a single Communal system, helping them reduce capital costs while protecting your building from clashing multi-Tenant competing WI-FI signals

Offer other USP's, not just Internet

An enabled building offers Landlords additional USP's, so they can offer Tenants direct access to Cloud Services, Internet of Things and Private Connections

No Phone Lines Required

Future proof your building so that Tenants can use their Broadband to access Phone services, by-passing expensive Phone company new line charges and long term onerous Contracts