Our Internet Features

You get a whole lot more with Baltic

Business Only Network

Our network is built for business only, so we have no consumer traffic clogging up the network during business hours.

Synchronous Internet

When we said it was Broadband we lied, It's better than Broadband! Your Upload speed is the same as your Download speed with Baltic.

Traffic Prioritisation Service

Tell us your most used/visited websites and services and we'll prioritise those for you, making them faster and more responsive. You can add up to 10 websites for optimisation.

4G Backup Capability

An optional 4G fail-over service that allows you to have a backup internet connection should our main service fail. As we also provide the 4G mobile service, any static IP addresses or personalised services still work as before when using the fail-over option.

Credit Card Transactions are Prioritised on Baltic

Slow credit card machines cause long queues in our shops, but with Baltic, we prioritise credit card transactions for our customers ahead of everything else, helping to enhance the customer experience.

Jelly WI-FI

Take your Broadband package with you and use any of our city-wide public hotspots for free.

Social Media Optimised

Social Media Networks are prioritised as standard, ensuring that you can publish your content and updates with fast and reliable connectivity.

Optionally Block All Adverts

Turn on our free network level advert blocker, blocking over 80% of Internet adverts across your entire business and on every device, helping speed up web pages while improving productivity.

Your Broadband, Your Dashboard

View your traffic levels, run reports about your downloads, see how your connection is performing with our handy to use dashboard and view your bills and run reports from your account, helping you to keep in the loop.

Stay in the Driving Seat

With our self-managed firewall service, you can make adjustments to your service whenever you like and with little technical knowledge.

Access Internet Exchanges Directly

We also offer customers the ability to break out at IX Liverpool, IXManchester and on LINX if they wish, accessing the very heart of the Internet.

Good Connections to Popular Cloud Services

By using a number of methods including Peering, we give better connections to a range of Cloud providers, which is ideal for businesses using the cloud for their applications.


Baltic is not your average ISP!

We’re pioneering Broadband with rich features for businesses:

  • Features designed for Small to Medium sized Companies (SME's)
  • Industry specific features and configuration
  • Customer driven development
  • Largest City-Wide WI-FI System
  • 7 Day Installation
  • Broadband or Leased Lines available