Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use wireless, why not phone lines, or fibre?

Fibre is expensive and the Merseyside region has little of it, and using BT’s old telephone lines for a modern business is not only slow, cumbersome and unreliable, it is also expensive. Therefore, we found an alternative that is fast, reliable and cheaper.

What do the various Contention Ratio’s Mean?

If you take our basic Bronze package that gives a ratio of 10:1, this means that up to 10 other businesses could be sharing the same connection as you, which is typically how Broadband works with every company. With Baltic Broadband contention ratios are based on the radio mast that serves our customer, so its not always strictly correct as we may not have 10 customers in that area or on that mast, so please take contention ratios as a worst case scenario and remember not everyone is always using their connections all at the same time.


Can I see my usage at any time?

Yes, you can login to your account at anytime and see your usage against your billed package for that period of time.

Do you offer Email accounts, Website Hosting and Cloud Services?

No. We focus our efforts and expertise on what we do best – providing excellent Internet Access in innovative, fast and cost-effective ways.

Customers who still use fax can try our sister company’s Free Fax to Email Service.

How do you pay, do you offer credit?

Services are prepaid for a month in advance, similar to that of other phone line or mobile packages. Ultimately, allowing us to keep costs low for customers. However,  we do offer a credit line service on application and at a higher monthly cost (50%) or as determined on each package.

What if I move office?

Yes, we offer a “Lift & Shift” service as part of a relocation plan, please contact us for further information.

What is the difference between Fixed and Static IP Addresses?

A Fixed IP address means that you can have a permanent IP address for your outbound traffic (so it originates from a single IP address), but your internet connection will use NAT and will be firewalled  and therefore you cannot use the Fixed IP address on the outside interface of any router that you may have, instead you will have a private ip address like “” for example (using RFC 1918). This setup suits 95% of customers and only customers with complex technical setups tend to require Static IP Addresses.

A static IP address means that you are assigned one or a range of public IP addresse(s) (Class B) (depending on your requirements) to your router without any NAT, firewalling or filtering, so you will need to ensure that you have a good firewall install in order to protect your network.

For clarity, In order to keep costs down for customers, we only offer a static IP address on our top broadband package (Herculina) and instead offer a “natted” and Fixed IP on the packages below it. This exercise lowers the cost to provision high speed broadband to our customers, while also preserving IP address space for customers who really need it and therefore is reflected in our competitive pricing structure.

Normally, customers who need lots of IP addresses or have complex setup’s usually use our dedicated internet products.