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The Tapestry

The Tapestry, an emerging district found in the heart of Liverpool, is one of the first to take us up on this offer.  It offers a large space with a variety of different projects and businesses both inside and around.  Their vision is to create a space for pioneers to craft, work, and play to their heart’s content and offer spaces of up to 2000 sq ft.  Thanks to our internet, they can offer some of the highest speeds currently available for a steal.

Queens Dock

Another area we’ve added to the list is the Baltic Triangle, a historic area with many new and creative businesses and people.  Everyone from photographers and designers to film makers and architects set up shop in the area and help to create a truly inspiring colony of creative peoples.  By adding our internet and extending it to the Queens Dock Business Centre, they’ve now got a leg-up on the competition by offering the fastest internet in the area as well as free Wi-Fi throughout the Baltic.

MICT Data Centre

Most recently, we’ve extended our range even further to the MICT Data Centre.  By creating a partnership with MICT and IX Liverpool, we’ve helped them achieve world-class Internet connectivity with high grade, low latency transit for customers who co-locate within the MICT data centre.  The partnership has also installed direct connections into a variety of cloud providers, such as: Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud IBM Bluemix SAP Alibaba Cloud Webair

Bold Street Studio

Another new addition to our 10 Gbps plan is Bold Street Studio, a place for creative, digital, and tech companies to work together.  Owned by Uniform, Liverpool’s leading design agency, tenants will be offered some of the highest grade, lowest latency internet available along with direct connections to the cloud providers found above. With so many places already taking advantage of this offer, how long do you have before your competitors think to do the same?  Contact us today for more information so that you can start advertising some of the highest speeds in the industry!  Trust me, in our technological world, the last thing you want to do is fall behind the times.]]>

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