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What is BBEB? BBEB is a way of giving all your tenants internet directly, at one low price, with the bare minimum amount of hassle.  It’s an opt-in or opt-out option for every tenant and there are plenty of ways your can determine just what kind of speeds your tenants are looking for and purchase accordingly.  Tenants are never required to use our internet but it is there as a low-cost option for them thanks to you!

What benefit is BBEB when compared to alternatives or none at all?

For starters, you’ll be able to offer and advertise your internet which is likely to increase interest in your building.  Tenants that are already there will also be a lot happier when they realise they’ve got a cheap option for fast, reliable internet at a whopping 1GB minimum speed.  Of course, with extra features comes the extra cost, too.  Since you’ll be paying a flat rate while tenants each pay you a little more for the internet, you’ll be able to increase your profits. There are also some technical advantages to getting BBEB.  Each tenant will be able to specify what sites they’d like loading faster on their internet connection, most likely their own site.  It’ll also help to keep your tenants’ credit card machines and till services prioritised which helps with efficiency.  We even have direct cloud connections into a variety of different cloud services meaning there will be a minimum of lag between businesses and cloud services.

I’m interested.  How can we make this happen?

At the moment, you only need to contact us to get started.  We offer same day setup for tenants and 1 month contracts so we can hit the ground running with near-immediate internet access.  We also offer you great technical support at no extra cost so if there’s any problems at all, we’ll be right there to get it solved.  Maybe you’ve still got questions?  No problem!  Just contact us with the link above or leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap! Interested in any of our other services?  Check out or broadband options and leased lines to stay ahead of the competition!]]>

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