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wide range of different internet packages.  Ranging from £50 all the way to £120, every business should be able to find a plan that fits their needs and their costs.  But what about huge businesses that don’t want to have to share that connection with anyone else?  Well, thanks to our dedicated internet plans, you won’t have to!

What are dedicated internet plans?

Dedicated internet is a way to reduce the contention ratio all the way down to 1:1.  In other words, its your connection alone.  Your connection remains more secure, reliable, and resilient!  Unlike our broadband packages, these ones aren’t shared with anyone else and so your connection speed shouldn’t drop at all during peak hours.  We’ve also got a few different packages based on your business’ needs.


All packages come with unlimited data and 1:1 contention, 8 AM to 6 PM support every day of the week, dedicated IP addresses, and a 1-month contract start.


100MB is our smallest package.  You’ll get 100MB download/upload speeds as well as a 14 day set-up time for installation.  At the cost of £250, you might be wondering why our smallest package is so costly.  Well, you’re paying a premium for premium internet.  There will be few reasons for your internet to be slow with these packages so it’s best for companies that rely on internet to do their jobs properly.


200MB is the next package.  It doubles the available speed (to 200MB) at a very small increase to the price (only £295).  Your set-up time will remain 14 days, but really what you’re paying for is a pretty big boost in speed.


Yes, you read that right.  We more than doubled the speeds in that one!  With our 500MB package, you guessed it, you’ll be getting 500MB download/upload speeds.  Set-up times will also be moved to only 7 days, so you’ll be up and running in one week!  Pricing also gets a pretty steady bump up to £595.


You need 1GB speeds?  Really?  Are you NASA?  Well, whatever you need it for, we’ve got you covered!  Set-up time remains 7 days and pricing bumps up to £795.  Find yourself in need of even more though?  Well, we can actually go up to speeds of 2GB but for those you’ll need to contact us for pricing. As you can see, we’ve got a ton of packages to choose from.  Whether you just want standard, reliable internet or our biggest and best, we can help!  Don’t know what you need?  Check out this blog to help figure out which option is best for you!  ]]>

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