Cloud Down - Rapid File Transfer

Our Cloud Down service enables you to download or upload large amounts of data at high rates, at a number of physical locations throughout the Liverpool City Region, on a casual basis.

Using the Cloud for the likes of backup services and content storage is a great asset, however if you have a disaster or need to access all of your data within a short time, many people would find this almost impossible given the generally slow internet speeds throughout the region.

For example, lets say you needed to access your backups of 500GB, or even 3 TB (Terabyte) that you’ve stored in the Cloud very quickly (due to a data corruption or data loss incident) then would you be able to access that that much data within the time frame needed?

While customers of Baltic Broadband have fast Internet access, we wanted to cater for non-customers who have an immediate requirement for very fast access to the Cloud which is why Cloud Down was born.

Cloud Down works like this:

  1. Contact us to book a time and date for your visit and size the required connection
  2. Visit one of our supported locations, taking with you a computer and if required any storage devices that you may need
  3. Upload/Download the data as required on the high speed connection

Cloud Down offers the following features:

  • Upload/Download your data on a dedicated 1 Gbps or 10 Gpbs connection
  • Charged by the hour, just turn up and pay the hourly rate with no data limits
  • Our Direct Connections into the likes of Amazon Web Servers, Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine result in secure, private and very fast non-internet connections into your cloud service
  • Synchronous Connections mean that the Upload is the same as the Download
  • Our Direct connections to key Internet Exchanges mean very low latency and Jitter and fewer hops, reducing the change of a slow-down over the Internet

This service is ideal for:

  • Individuals and Companies needing a temporary fast Internet Connection to upload/download large data sets from the Cloud via accessible “walk-in” locations around the region
  • I.T and service companies wanting to create initial uploads to the cloud, or the downloading of large data sets for their clients
  • Unscheduled or Emergency access to Cloud data sets with a ultra-fast internet connection

Cloud Down is available at the following locations (prior booking is required):

Cloud Down - Pricing



Ideal for most data downloads, same day service available

  • £99 Booking Fee*
  • 1 Gbps Upload and Download
  • Booking fee Includes first hour
  • £25/hr used thereafter
  • Available 9am - 6pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Connection by Copper/Fibre Optic
  • Unlimited Data
  • Direct Cloud Connections
  • Static IP Addresses Available

Phone to Order



Very fast access but at a premium price, 24 hrs notice required

  • £400 Booking Fee
  • 10 Gbps Upload and Download
  • £400/hr for each hour used
  • Available 9am - 6pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Connection by Fibre Optic
  • Unlimited Data
  • Direct Cloud Connections
  • Static IP Addresses Available

Phone to Order


*All prices are subject to VAT. Payments to be made by credit/debit card prior to arrival and paid in advance for the time slot required. Our standard (1 Gbps) service requires a regular RJ45 cat.5 connection to your computer, while the Rapid (10 Gbps) requires a single mode LC fibre connection. Customers are advised to ensure that they have the necessary disk space required on their storage device and have sufficient read-write speed and network adaptor throughput in order to fully utilise the connection speed offered.

Other Services

  • Baltic Broadband can also provide a list of Customers/Suppliers who can provide help with data restoration, recovery and various I.T Services
  • Customers can arrange to install a more permanent and local data store/copy of their Cloud data using our Local Co-location and Data Vault service