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Who remembers Liverpool’s Club 051?

Installed today by Baltic Broadband: Ultra-fast 10Gbps internet ready for the opening night for live radio broadcasts, WiFi for clubbers, backend/payment systems and much more, while the venue joins a growing network of pre-connected venues around the region for Film/TV/Radio, see

Built in 1991 to rival Manchester’s nightlife, the Super Club dominated Liverpool’s nightlife throughout the 1990s when the club exploded with the iconic Sexy Medicine Saturday night sets with DJs Lee Butler & Dave Graham paving the way to attract international stars like David Morales and Roger Sanchez.

In its glory days the club could hold around 2,000 punters, and now … .it’s coming back!

The club will offer Live music, local band nights, comedy nights, tribute nights, sportsman dinners and boxing shows and requires ultra fast reliable internet backed by 24/7 support and a 100% SLA.

So the question is…Baltic Broadband are 051 enough…are you?