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Just installed: 10Gbps for Liverpool Cruise Terminal and the Liverpool Seafarers Centre.

Since 2007, the terminal, based in Liverpool City Centre, has welcomed over 800 cruise ships carrying over 1 million international passengers who now, thanks to Baltic Broadband, have access to ultra-fast, unlimited 10Gbps WiFi at the port and around the city with our Baltic Roam service.

The new free WiFi service also supports 50,000 seafarers passing through the Port of Liverpool each year, offering a “lifeline” to #seafarers , both active and retired, whilst providing a way to contact family and friends in their home country whist helping to escape thier home country’s #roaming charges.

Our new #WiFi 6 system covers a huge area including the main hall, car parks, coach areas and crew welfare areas and is designed for high density in order to cater for thousands of people disembarking onto the shore all at once.