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20Gbps of internet delivered into Liverpool’s Pier Head with 6x Fixed Wireless Access point to point links, 2 x 40Gbps Fibre leased lines and dual satellite for extra resilience and it worked like a treat!

Serving over 20,000 festival goers, over 300 credit card machines, backend audio/visual systems, ticketing, production, WiFi, drones, CCTV, radio systems and much more, our bullet-proof setup enjoyed multiple redundant routes in and out, protected by 12 hour battery backup (UPS) and connected directly into the London and Manchester internet exchanges in a resilience triangle.

What an amazing atmosphere it was, from working backstage with the crew to enjoying the music out the front, our experienced team delivered another fab production in our wonderful city, Liverpool.

A lot of what we did reminds me of another large project, Eurovision (United by Music, Connected by Baltic) that we delivered only a few months ago, read more about our experiences.