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Baltic Broadband, the Liverpool based digital connectivity specialist, has entered into a
strategic partnership with Caldeira, the Knowsley based cushion company, to deliver ultra-
fast broadband of up to 40Gbps to the Knowsley Industrial Park, from a new Digital Hub at
Caldeira’s new headquarters at 29 Lees Road.

This important new investment from Baltic Broadband has the potential to dramatically
transform digital connectivity for hundreds of companies on the Knowsley Industrial Park
and provide an additional incentive for companies to re-locate and set-up in Knowsley.
Matt Wilson, CEO of Baltic Broadband, is excited by the opportunity which has been

“The partnership between Baltic Broadband and Caldeira represents a significant
investment by bringing high-speed resilient digital connectivity to the estate that will benefit
the entire Industrial Park, thanks to this new Digital Hub. 

Powered by Caldeira’s renewable energy from its new large solar installation, local businesses within
the estate can now access cost-effective, high-speed & reliable internet with speeds available of up
to 40Gbps (40,000Mbps), setup normally within 10 working days.”
Tony Caldeira, Founder and Managing Director of Caldeira Ltd, thinks that the new Digital
Hub is great news for everybody on the Knowsley Industrial Park.

“This is one of those unique opportunities in business where everybody wins. Baltic
Broadband’s investment has created an opportunity for many businesses on the Knowsley
Industrial Park to improve the way they operate.

In addition, Caldeira now has greatly improved internet connectivity, and the new Digital
Hub means that future tenants to our 29 Lees Road site can have ultra-fast broadband,
hardwired directly into their new premises.”

Harvey Abramson, IT and Projects Manager at Caldeira Ltd, has been surprised by the
difference that the faster broadband, provided by Baltic Broadband, has made to Caldeira’s
day-to-day operations.

“The ultra-fast broadband has transformed our digital connectivity, giving us stable video
calls, faster download speeds and time savings across the business. We didn’t realise the
significant difference the faster broadband would make to our office productivity and to our
customer’s virtual experience when on video tours of our showrooms. This is a real boost
for our business.”

The new digital hub has been greeted positively by many in the area, including Knowsley
Chamber of Commerce, Knowsley Growth Hub, and Knowsley Council. Cllr Tony Brennan,
Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development on Knowsley Council,
welcomed the move, saying “Knowsley Council welcomes the collaboration between Baltic

Broadband and Caldeira; a great example of a partnership that benefits not only Caldeira
but also provides more choice to our businesses across Knowsley Business Park.”