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Over the last 12 months, we’ve witnessed a big demand from customers wanting to get rid of their on-site server rooms (many taking up valuable office space) as they struggle with the recent heat waves and the large increase in electricity costs.

Coupled with the changes brought about with homeworking and the hybrid office approach, many businesses are looking how they can both free up valuable office space while lowering their running costs at the same time.

Colocation is the service of hosting your IT hardware equipment in our data centres: strategically located building(s) that provides space, power, cooling, and physical security, monitored 24/7 and providing you with round the clock physical access.

Most companies these days have some sort of IT infrastructure within their premises. Paying for the power, cooling and connectivity for a small server room can get expensive, whereas data centres benefit from economies of scale that make co-location the more affordable option.

Co-location also removes the risk of on-premises server rooms, such as the risk of fire, flood or theft, since data centres feature built-in safeguards and are staffed 24/7 to eliminate these risks.

Take a look at how Baltic can help you move your server room off-site to help you reduce risk, costs and hassle.