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When launching a new radio station targeting the 45+ age demographic, a new player in the sector turned to Baltic Broadband to help with the launch. 

It soon became clear that the radio station needed two separate connections in order to achieve their goals.

The first required an in-depth technical set-up broadcast connection to be strategically prioritised in order for the audio signal to remain consistent. In order to achieve this, the team used PEERING, so the route between the server and the broadcast equipment was as short as possible. This wasn’t just providing a broadband solution, it was provisioning an engineering solution to ensure the radio station could reach as many DAB, Online, and SMART device listeners (such as Google Home and Amazon Echo) as possible.

The second connection was to help every member of the team ensure they could do their jobs without worrying about the broadband. The ability to have sales teams using their cloud-based software programs, internal recording studios able to upload large files like adverts and news items seamlessly to their broadcast colleagues whilst enabling the team and visitors to access wi-fi in every corner of the office helped with collaboration, efficiency, and productivity.

The radio station is now well-established in Merseyside, with happy listeners and advertisers, and it’s just another example of how getting the right broadband partner at the start of a project helps everything work, 24/7

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