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Trials: Landline Broadband Exchanges Launch Plan

By 21 April 2020July 18th, 2022Baltic Company News
As per our last Blog on this matter, Trials: Landline Broadband, we’ve now heard from quite a number of people who want to help trial our service and have provided helpful feedback about how they could consume a potential landline broadband service if we did in fact offer one.

Since February, we’ve been working hard on tasks such registering with Ofcom, gaining wholesale access into BT’s network and creating plans for a network roll-out into key exchanges in order to launch our Landline based service, and yes that now means that our product development team have decided to go ahead with the offering of landline based broadband services, which is great news!

Our plan is to offer high speed Broadband services to both home and businesses using Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) that will offer speeds up to 1Gbps which will be useful for areas that our Wireless Service is not currently available.

It won’t be like any other landline-based Broadband though. As a highly engineered service, it will be designed for home-workers that will have speed guarantees and is also able to be part of a company network, so business customers can easily extend their office network into a staff members home without complex VPN’s, servers and the hassle this creates.

It’s going to take many months before we can offer anything to customers, however our network build is currently progressing, and more recently, we’ve expanded the team to help bring this product to market sooner due to the impact that the Pandemic is having within our community.

In addition to this, we have also decided to expand our network reach outside of the LCR region, mainly due to many of our customers (businesses) asking for coverage in their staff’s homes and don’t want them excluded from a company-wide roll-out.

We therefore have decided to submit an application for the following exchanges to be enabled as part of our initial product launch, due later on in the year.

Important Note : We are offering a free landline broadband package for existing customers who are served by those exchanges and would like to extend their office network into their home as part of a trial for 12 months. The speeds will be set as 330Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. Once we do launch our new product, we hope to begin a nationwide roll-out and add around 20-30 exchanges a month to our coverage.

Please get in touch with us at if you are an existing customer and are interested in being part of our beta trial that will be announced on the blog later on this year.