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Free WiFi During Coronavirus (COVID-19) for our Community

The Coronavirus is a growing threat to both people and businesses in our community and we want to do what we can to help.

Together, with the members of The Liverpool Internet Exchange (IX Liverpool ) we have set up a Free WiFi service across the city so that home workers can work from home and access high speeds that otherwise may have been unavailable with their current provider.

From the 15th of March 2020 home workers and residents can access the new free WiFi by looking out for the WiFi name “workfromhome”

At the moment, our coverage is quite small and limited to the Liverpool City Centre, Everton, The Wirral, and parts of Sefton (and growing), so we also want to speak with landlords across the region who will allow Baltic to install WiFi access points to the outdoor parts of buildings, so that together we can increase the overall coverage level.

Additionally, we have also provided a number of Schools and also Charities that help vulnerable service users with a free 1Gbps (upload and download) Internet connection for the duration of the Pandemic.

We are hoping that schools will use this vast connection to extended their teaching on-line, for example the streaming of lessons and the sharing of digital resources for students while charities will use it to help service users such as our homeless low-income communities.

We have also written to all of our commercial customers, offering to double their usual speed for the next 3 months should they need it, especially as many host servers that home workers will need to access from home.

If your school or charity could use free high-speed internet during these challenging times, please contact so we can begin a survey and book and installation date, which normally takes around 1-2 days.