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How to Fix and Improve Online Conference Calls

Posted by Tyler Woodward on 04 02 2019. 0 Comments

Conducting a conference call online is both one of the easiest ways to communicate with coworkers or clients and one of the fastest.  You don’t have to fly to another… READ MORE

Conducting a conference call online is both one of the easiest ways to communicate with coworkers or clients and one of the fastest.  You don’t have to fly to another country or deal with the costs of cross-country calls.  You don’t have to schedule transportation times or costs.  And you don’t have to try and schedule everyone into one time with all these other issues to deal with.

Sometimes though, conference calls have problems.  Maybe you can’t connect, or can’t hear anyone else.  The issue could be in your internet, your computer, your sound settings, or even the program you’re using.  Luckily, there are ways you can reduce or eliminate some issues entirely!


Do you hear your echo every time you speak?  This occurs most typically when either two people in the same room are on the same conference call or somebody has their volume up too loud and isn’t wearing headphones or a headset.

To fix it, simply have people in the same room all join in on one computer, wear headsets, or go elsewhere to chat.


Feedback is one of the bigger annoyances in a call.  It’s loud, distracting, and sometimes makes it impossible to even pay attention let alone think about what to say.

The best option for this is to use a headset with a landline.  Make sure to test your setup beforehand as well, lest you be caught with piercing feedback screaming through your system.

Video/Audio Delay:

Have you found that you tend to hear or see things far later than everyone else?  Perhaps on screen you see a pie chart while everyone is talking about the next slide, even?  Chances are that you’ve got a problem with video or audio delay.

This is a particularly difficult problem to solve, and an equally difficult one to ignore.  Most of the time if this is happening, it’s because your internet connection is poor.  Check to make sure you and those around you aren’t taking up too much bandwidth with streaming, downloading, uploading, etc.  If you still find the same issue occurring, the only choice left is to upgrade your internet provider.

Connection Problems:

This is another issue that typically comes from poor internet speeds/service.  This can be in the form of sudden disconnects, video or audio stopping suddenly, or even not being able to get on the call at all.

The best way to fix this is to test your internet speeds.  There are tons of tools online that will help you accomplish this.  As long as your speeds are above around 2 mbps download and upload, you should be fine.  If they’re below that, try the same solution as the Video/Audio Delay section.

Baltic Broadband has some excellent packages for businesses in the Liverpool area that provide far beyond the minimum needed for a conference call.  Be sure to check us out!  You won’t be disappointed with our service.

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