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Everybody wants stable internet.  That is an undeniable fact.  Nobody wants to pay for something that’s constantly out of use and this is especially true for those that require internet in their place of work.  Here’s another fact — eventually, your internet provider will falter.  This could be because of a natural disaster, some freak series of events, or even human error.  Something will happen and even the best and the biggest internet provider will have an unexpected downtime. When the worst comes to pass and the internet is unexpectedly slow, laggy, or even down entirely, you’ll want to know that work is being done to fix it.  Well, thanks to the way Baltic Broadband monitors their systems, there’s a good chance we’ll already be working on it before you even have a chance to call.

What do we monitor?

  • Ping Times (How long it takes to send/receive a single piece of data)
  • Average Speeds
  • Power Consumption of Device
  • Backup Battery Charge Level
  • Mains or Primary Power
  • Internal and External Temperatures

What we do:

For starters, we monitor our service every five minutes.  If we see that your service is interrupted, we get straight to work.  And because we monitor so many parts of the system, we tend to know right where to look so that your service will be working back at 100% ASAP. In fact, we can often diagnose the issue/s before even visiting the client’s site.  This way, we start working with you by fixing the problem rather than having to guess at what might be happening.  This efficient process is made possible by tracking all the metrics you see above.  It’s kind of like going to the doctor and as soon as you arrive, the doctor knows your symptoms and has worked out the issue.

Our Customer Service:

As one might expect, we want to be able to fix your issue as soon as possible.  We’ve got support staff ready to work around the clock to make sure that happens, too.  Unfortunately, just because we can diagnose the issue pretty quickly, doesn’t mean we can immediately get to work every time.  For starters, based on the plan you purchased, we may be limited to Monday-Friday support options.  This doesn’t mean you can’t give us a call or send us an email though, as we will certainly try our best to make sure you’re accommodated! Another thing to factor in during servicing is the exact conditions that caused your outage.  If a natural disaster is to blame for instance, safety could be a major concern that we would have to factor in for our support staff. Whatever the issue, you can rest assured that we’ll be on top of it and working hard to fix any problem that might (but hopefully won’t) come your way.]]>

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