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4G network.

What’s the 4G Network?

There are sometimes misconceptions on what #G means.  Let’s end that right now and be clear — the “G” stands for generation.  In other words, our 4G option is using the fourth generation of mobile internet technology.  It gives you mobile internet at a higher speed than previous generations and won’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire.

What options does Baltic Broadband offer for mobile internet?

We have a wide array of options from Small all the way up to Super Large.  The speeds we offer will remain mostly the same no matter the package (15MB upload and 76MB download), but the bigger packages can peak at 90MB or more.  The real changes come from data offered, from 50MB to 300MB and the option of Jelly Wi-Fi. As you find a need for more data, your costs will also increase from £85 for the 50MB option up to £200 for the 300MB.  All packages also include free support Monday-Friday and an option for 24-hour setup, meaning you could call today and by this time tomorrow, you’d have internet!

My normal internet provider is down and I need it NOW!

We’ve got you covered!  Thanks to our brilliant technicians, we can get your company back on track within the day.  With just one call, we can send out our engineers with pre-configured equipment to give you a temporary source of internet ASAP, and of course the option for a more permanent solution should you like our service.

Okay, I’m sold.  What’s my next move to get started?

First thing’s first — you need to pick a package here.  Once you know exactly what your business needs, simply give us a call to get started!  We’ll be happy to hear from you and help you with anything you may need.  And don’t forget, we don’t just do mobile deals.  We’ve also got normal broadband options, dedicated options, options for student buildings, and Cloud and Social Media connections to keep you, your employees, and your customers connected at all times.]]>

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