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1) Customers will be drawn to competitors or other businesses Getting a faster and better connection is a way to draw customers in.  The fact remains that if you’ve got customers coming in your store, you’ll need to provide them internet.  It’s not just an extra perk to a lot of people nowadays, but a necessity.  This becomes especially true for the food service and hospitality industries.

2) Apps Slow Down

Another reason that fast internet is a must is that a slow connection will cause many programs and apps to slow down.  The Cloud is a unique tool that allows many people to be connected to projects through the internet and these days it’s becoming necessary to running a successful business.

3) Customer Service Becomes an Issue

A lot of customer service these days is done through chatting online and the fact is that if a customer is taking 10+ minutes to receive a response, your business will suffer.  Your customer already has one issue and if your internet speed is lacking, you’re doing nothing more than adding to the list.

4) It Hinders Company Growth

If you’ve got only five employees and you’re already struggling with stable connections and good speeds, there’s simply no way you can expand.  This becomes even more true if you’re offering an option to customers for internet as well.

5) File Sharing Services Suffer

File sharing takes a huge chunk of bandwidth and, believe it or not, many of these services will actually, by default, limit your upload and download speeds. File sharing can truly be a great tool for a company to work on projects without any delays, and a slow internet speed would do little to help since files will take far too long to view, upload, and download.

6) Video Conferences Suffer

Surprise, if you can’t do file sharing, you REALLY can’t do video conferences.  We’ve all had a moment in our lives where a video call simply looked and sounded horrible.  Maybe it sounds underwater or maybe your video keeps freezing; whatever the issue, it’s almost always caused by a slow connection somewhere.  Upgrade to a better plan and get a crisp and stable connection to talk to who you want, when you want.

7) Payments take Longer to Process

Even if nothing else above affects you, I guarantee that your business requires payments and that if you have a slow connection then you’re going to have lag on your end and sometimes might even run into other issues.  Saving time with payments might seem minuscule, but having a more efficient company can never be a negative.

What can you do?

Look into upgrading your current service.  Chances are that your internet provider might offer a deal to you for the first few months or even year.  If they have no better offer or you’d rather switch internet, check out all your options and if you’re in Liverpool, check us out, too!]]>

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