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It pushes away potential customers. If you’re in any service industry, whether it’s hotels, cafes, or even a library, slow internet can be a death sentence so to speak.  This is especially true for places which people will be staying for long periods of time.  In the modern world, internet is nearly a necessity to function.  Slow internet will push people away and to your competitors.  They’ll also be sure to give more negative reviews online, which will influence a great number of people.

Efficiency goes down the drain.

In any business, a fast service which remains high quality is always the best option.  If your internet is slow, however, then you may be slowing down your efficiency and hindering or even halting progress altogether. This is especially true in customer service.  Nothing is worse than getting into a chat with a customer service representative that keeps disappearing suddenly, being slow, or being disconnected.  Good customer service is only possible with a reliable internet connection, or at the very least a phone line. Payments may also end up slowing down, which would definitely hinder any businesses which need to quickly go from one customer to the next (like fast food, for instance).  Where a normal connection would lead to payments processing in under five seconds, your own slow internet might take thirty or more!

Expansion becomes harder.

If you’re experiencing a bad internet connection already or have been having a lot of downtime lately, chances are that expanding your business will only make it worse.  Without a strong and stable connection, your internet will become even more strained and could even fail completely. It also means that you can’t explore new, online-only options like cloud-based apps or file-sharing.  Even video calls and conferences would be impossible without a stable connection.  People might sound grainy or underwater, images could become distorted or even freeze, and again, the connection might just drop entirely. Whether your reasons for looking into getting a different internet service provider are for your employees or customers, or even a mix of the two, it’s definitely a good idea.  High internet speeds are a must in today’s working world and with Baltic Broadband, those in the Liverpool area can see that they don’t even have to be costly!]]>

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