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Training: As with any new job, training is almost always a must.  New employees need to learn the systems you’ve got in place.  They need to learn the prices, rules, values, and more to be able to do their job effectively.  Getting everyone to one place at the same time for training can be tough at times and so a conference call might just be the way to go. If you’re training a large group of people, it’s easy to field questions and lead everyone at once from one place.  While some aspects of training might need a more hands-on approach, getting started online might be the best option for now.  In fact, if the job uses the computer heavily, you can even share your screen with the trainees so they can see and understand exactly what you’re looking for.  The same is true if you’re training just a single person.  Not only is it just as helpful as a normal face-to-face meeting, you don’t even have to leave your home, saving you time and gas. Since training can be done online, you’re able to train bigger groups of people than ever before.  Using video calls to do just that might save your company a lot of time and money.


Surprise!  Video calls can be used for meetings.  Revolutionary idea, right?  All right, enough of the sarcasm.  The truth is a lot of people forego meetings online for face-to-face meetings and I can’t really blame them.  Meeting in-person is seen as more personal and professional.  The fact is though that this isn’t always possible.  A full schedule, unexpected delay, or even distance will make such a thing too costly or time consuming to be feasible.  It’s then that you need to turn to video calls to keep your schedule moving forward. There are more benefits other than just saving you time and money, too.  As with training, you can share your screen with those you’re meeting.  This means that you can easily display charts, graphs, important documents, or anything else you want without having to upload, download, or email a single thing.  There are tons of programs out there to help facilitate your video call needs, too.  I, myself, have even had more than a couple video calls with employers and potential customers to discuss important information and tasks. You can even use video calls to interview new prospects, hereby saving time and reaching out to those that might be too far away for an in-person interview. Video calls are an important part of today’s business.  While it’s not necessary for everyone, it can certainly benefit many businesses in a big way.]]>

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