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Customer Service is one such way. Most companies still prefer to do their customer service either in person, through email, or through the phone.  Each of those is reliable and has their own benefits.  But, another way to conduct some customer service is through social media and it has its own unique strengths as well. For starters, it’s very simple to communicate with customers, understand, and address their needs.  It has the additional benefit of being a public forum of sorts so you can get many peoples’ points of view in a very short time.  This helps you to better understand what people like or dislike about your product/service.  At the same time, customers feel valued when given help quickly and directly by the company.

It also helps your company image.

Image is everything.  If nobody knows who you are, nobody is going to buy your product.  Establishing a social media presence can help you adopt an image or change it into a more positive one.  Plan what you want the company’s image to be and base your social media page/posts around that.  Create your strategy and write it down.  What’s your goal?  What are you trying to accomplish?  Dedicate yourself to that goal and always keep it in mind. The great thing about social media is that you’ve got a lot of tools to help you. Hootsuite and Buffer are two such tools that are designed around making your social media use easier.  With them, you can queue posts to send at specific times down through the month or year.  You can also post more easily on all the different social media sites without having to go to each separate site.

Social media can even reduce your costs while increasing your traffic.

Marketing is another important facet of every company’s success.  Social media is basically free marketing which actually has some pretty strong results.  Focusing more on social media and less on televised ads can save you money. Even paid advertising through social media is relatively cheap and very widespread.  You’ll be able to not only cut your costs but also improve the amount of traffic you generate.  The stronger your social media presence becomes, the more people know about your brand and the more people visit your website.

You’ll be left behind without it.

That’s right, chances are your competitors already have a strong social media presence.  Whether they do or don’t, you definitely need to!  Beat out your competitors today by getting more involved in social media.  The more visible you make your brand, the less visible you make theirs.  If you don’t want to be left behind, start building today.  The sooner, the better. The truth is, social media is a necessary tool in today’s business.  Young men and women, on average, engage on social media 1-2 hours each day!  It’s time to start looking into starting or improving your social media presence.]]>

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