Slim DC is our range of low-cost vertically mounted racks, designed for low-profile and low-powered equipment. 

In short, we’ve dedicated a wall in our data centre to hosting vertical rack cabinets that have most of the bells and whistles of our larger rack cabinets, but brought to you at a lower price.

Available in 2U,  3U and 4U sizes, these wall mounted racks are great for start-up’s, system builders, hobbyists and even professional businesses who need a small footprint for a low monthly cost, complete with physical access here within the Liverpool City Region.

Some customers use these for full size 19” equipment (small servers, NAS’s, CCTV & switch equipment etc), others use the racks to host Single-Board & Embedded computers (Raspberry Pi’, Rock Pi, Banana Pi’s etc, other open-source computing hardware) or even Internet of Things hardware.

Deep Equipment can be mounted vertically, while shallow equipment can be mounted horizontally (at the same time) within these vertical racks.


Generator Backup

Your rack will be backed up not only with a UPS but also a generator that has a run-time of around 8 hours. We also have a 24/7 contract with a local fuel company if required.

Enjoy Flexible Monthly Pricing

Don’t get tied into long onerous commitments with other providers.  We offer flexible monthly rack packages so that it can scaled up and down as your business does.

Powered by Renewable Energy

Lower your carbon footprint by moving your computer room out of your office and into our facility, consuming the Renewable Energy that we generate here in within the region.

Monitored Security and CCTV

Our entire data centre is covered in CCTV cameras that are monitored remotely 24/7 and all rack areas have secure fob access that is recorded for auditing purposes.

Innovative Cooling System

We don’t use traditional air conditioning within our facility, instead we use a passive cooling method that moves air around the data halls, then into offices and neighboring properties before using mechanical cooling.

Generous On-Site Facilities

We offer free parking, build-spaces, meeting rooms, on-site gym, kitchen with free tea and coffee, toilet and shower facilities, Free High Speed WiFi, EV charging & free 15 min remote hands p/m.

Need More Space to Work?

Do you need more space during your move? You can rent a desk in our communal shared office space area (above our data centre) on a daily or monthly basis, complete with a direct network connection to your rack.

Already with Baltic for your Connectivity?

Ask for a private VLAN to be setup from within your office/home to your Slim DC rack.  As a pure Layer2 connection you can control all aspects of the network yourself.

Gear Locker

Store your extra stuff into a secure on-site locker, ideal for spare parts, tools, documentation and other items that would prove helpful to keep close to your rack.

Rack images – 2U (400 x 500 x 150 mm)

Rack images – 3U (400 x 500 x 200 mm)

Rack images –4U (400 x 500 x 240 mm)

Rack Pricing (Power Inclusive)

2U Slim DC

£ 99

per month
  • £99 Setup Fee
  • 400 x 500 x 150mm
  • 1Gbps shared internet access
  • 1 x Static IP or natted internet
  • UPS and Generator Back up
  • 15 mins/m remote hands
  • 9-5pm Mon~Fri Access
  • 0.5A (100 watts) Power
  • Monthly Rolling Contract
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3U Slim DC

£ 125

per month
  • £125 Setup Fee
  • 400 x 500 x 200mm
  • 1Gbps shared internet access
  • 1 x Static IP or natted internet
  • UPS and Generator Back up
  • 15 mins/m remote hands
  • 9-5pm Mon~Fri Access
  • 1.0A (200 watts) Power
  • Monthly Rolling Contract
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4U Slim DC

£ 150

per month
  • £150 Setup Fee
  • 400 x 500 x 240mm
  • 1Gbps shared internet access
  • 1 x Static IP or natted internet
  • UPS and Generator Back up
  • 15 mins/m remote hands
  • 9-5pm Mon~Fri Access
  • 1.6A (300 watts) Power
  • Monthly Rolling Contract
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All rack packages are paid upfront (monthly), plus VAT and are collected by Direct Debit. Once months notice is required to cancel. All racks are individually secured and are available with 09:00 till 17:00, Monday to Friday access only.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a build space so I can build my rack on site?

Yes we do have a workshop area that can be used for the building of kit.  In our workshop you are free to have use of basic hand tools

Can I leave spare equipment and tools at your DC?

Yes, we have gear lockers that are available for rent and start from £15 per month. These lockers, perhaps similar to those found in Gym’s (having the same electronic locks found on the racks) can be set with the same code for your convenience.  The lockers are designed to keep a small amount of spare parts, tools and documentation.

Can I have equipment sent directly to the DC address ?

Yes, simply send it to the data centers full address, starting with the rack number.  If you authorise us to, we’ll place the delivery into your rack so it ready for you.  Any items too big will be kept in our loading bay ready for your collection when next on-site.

Will I have UPS Protection for my rack?

Yes, you’ll have full UPS and generator backup to your rack, however you will only have a single feed as we only offer A&B feeds with our larger racks.

How are these racks cooled?

A high powered fan plate (of 6 fans) is installed in the top 1U section at the top of the rack.  This section is normally used for access when installing deep equipment on the vertical U’s and can be removed at any time and replaced once the work has finished.

The  intelligent fan system fan is powered from within the rack and has Programmable thermostat controller with automated speed control, alarm warnings, and backup memory with an Airflow of 20 to 60 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)

Airflow for the cabinet is designed so that cool air from the room enters in the bottom of the rack via the perforated air panel and large side vents which along with the rising heat from customers equipment, is expelled from fans contained within the fan plate.

How many Raspberry Pi’s can I get into these racks?

Using the likes of you can get the following:

2U = 12 Raspberry Pi’s, 

3U = 24 Raspberry Pi’s

4U  46 Raspberry Pi’s, 

What power options are available within the rack?

By default you will have an 8 socket PDU (for BS 1363 plugs same as households).

How secure are these wall racks and who has access to it?

The racks have electronic locks that are opened using a code.  The locks can operate in 2 modes:

  1. You set a code to lock the rack, then set a new code each time you open it, ideal when several people need access to it
  2. You set a code to lock the rack, and it remains permanent until you change it.  If anyone else needs access to your rack, you’ll have to tell them the code.

Baltic will always have a master code for the electronic lock that is kept secure and allows us to enter the rack if we need to.  This master code is especially useful if a customer locks themselves out of the rack by losing the code.  If we do have to use the master code to open your rack, we will always let you know that we’ve been in your rack.

You can see what the lock looks like on our proof of concept photo here.

How does the 15 mins free per month remote hands work?

If you need us to do minor work with your rack, such as removing power to a device, plugging in a cable, we are able to do that for you.  You will receive a total time of 15 minutes per month.  After this point, we charge £85+VAT per hour for any work required.

How does that 1Gbps shared internet connection work?

Within your rack, we supply a 1Gbps leased line that is shared with up to 8 other Slim DC customers. As this is a contended service, there are no speed guarantees or upgrade options possible.

Can we get reverse DNS on our IP address?

Yes, this is possible, once you have the details, you can contact our support team for this to be setup for you which is typically done within 3 working days.

Can we order more than 1 IP address?

Every Silm DC rack receives 1 x IPv4 static IP address for use on their equipment.  Additional IP addresses can be added at the additional codes found at

Can I order cross connects to other networks/customers racks in Baltic’s DC?

Sorry, no, these are stand-alone racks that have not been designed with cross-connect infrastructure in mind, as such, this has been reflected in the costs back to our customers.  Instead, if you require cross connects, please consider moving to a quarter rack.

Is there a loading bay available?

Sorry no, although we do have a loading bay within the facility, we don’t permit its use for Slim DC customers, mainly to keep costs down.  If you need access to a loading bay, please consider our other large rack sizes.

Are there brackets/shelves available ?

Yes we do have a limited number of brackets and shelves for these vertical racks, please let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to provide.