Our UK fibre network delivers high capacity, class leading digital connectivity to UK businesses

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) offers a fast download speed with a reduced upload speed and is now available in over 1,100 of the exchanges across the UK that we’ve enabled to date.

Ideal for small businesses and homeworkers, Baltic’s FTTP service offers guaranteed speeds backed by a 8-hour-to-fix guaranteed 99.95% service level agreement with compensation paid (if we fail), we’ll also monitor your connection 24hrs a day, prioritising things like credit card machines, your most visited websites etc while providing you with 24/7 technical support should you need it.

Existing Baltic customers can even have one or many FTTP circuits terminating within their office or data centre in order to create SD-WAN type solutions by establishing their own private network.

Included within all FTTP packages is a high grade WiFi 6 router that can provide Private WiFi for the business and a Guest WiFi function for your visitors.

Prices start from £99/m, contact us for a quote today, or learn more why customers decide to choose Baltic Broadband.


Lower Price point than Leased Lines

Our FTTP offers a Lower price point: a cost-effective alternative to traditional, higher bandwidth Ethernet EAD services

No Need for phone Lines

Our Fibre to the Premises doesn’t need phone lines, we simply bring into your property a high speed fibre optic cable, saving you time and money on line rentals.

Bandwidth Options from 100Mbps to 1Gbps

Scale up your bandwidth quickly and easily as your business needs it and without penalty using our flexible on-demand packages.

8-Hour to Fix Service Level Agreement

We’ve got your back, with our business-grade SLA and a eight hour fix time (if a fault occurs), coupled with our Connection Recovery Service for additional assurance.

Monitored 24/7

Your connection is proactively monitored and supported by our Liverpool based technical team 24/7/365 – keeping you connected.

Enabled in over 1,100 exchanges

We’ve enabled 1,100 BT exchanges across the country with our FTTP service, allowing coverage for regional small offices and homeworkers.

Delivered 50% faster than Leased Lines

Fibre to the Premises is delivered almost 50% faster than Full Fibre Ethernet and standard Ethernet EAD services, allowing you to get up and running sooner.


Flex Your Bandwidth

Scale up your bandwidth quickly and easily with Options from (100 Mbps to 1 Gbps) as your business needs it and without penalty using our flexible on-demand packages.

Monitored at the Core

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides robust system monitoring to ensure your connectivity services operate at peak efficiency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SLA work?

Our service level agreement is a promise to keep your internet service live 24 hours a day and if there is a fault developed, fix it within a set time, otherwise we pay your business compensation. You can read the SLA in full here.

PS, if we do find that there is an extensive ongoing fault that could take a long time to resolve, we do offer our Connection Recovery service free of charge so that you can still continue to operate your business.

What is the Maximum Speed of FTTP?

Currently there is a maximum speed of 1Gbps download with 220 upload for FTTP.  There are trials in place to take this to 10 Gbps at some point in the future.

Can you deliver it to a home address?

Yes, we already deliver FTTP to hundreds of homeworkers across the UK. As a business ISP, we only deal with businesses and operate business accounts.

What is the lead-time on getting FTTP installed?

We normally quote 30 working days as the typical lead-time for FTTP.  Sometimes, if there’s an issue with the digital infrastructure within your area, that can be extended, which is why we always say any lead-time is subject to survey.

Also If there is a ONT on the wall and already installed, the lead-time can be as short as 10 working days.

How does your FTTP pricing work vs other cheap providers?

Simply put, we’re not the cheapest.  We’ve decided to offer FTTP as a premium service, with a great SLA, 24 hour support and a wide range of benefits that are not offered by many of the mainstream providers currently.

This means ultimately that our prices are more expensive than others, hence our focus on businesses to whom the internet and its resilience, consistency and ongoing support of it is important to them and are therefore prepared to pay more.

What is the difference between FTTP and leased line or full fibre?

Fibre to Premises is a lower cost version of full fibre (Leased Lines).  It has a reduced upload and a less stringent SLA, however that is of course reflected in the price of the packages.

Our FTTP product was created for businesses who cannot justify the cost of a full leased line, but provides a lot of flexibility and some of what leased lines offer.  There is even more value with our Wireless Products.

Who’s Using Baltic for their Broadband?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Baltic provided our new office with a wireless connection far faster than we'd been quoted by other providers. Not only did they take the time to come out to see us and sit down to explain in layman terms how things would work, they really went the extra mile to look after us, quite a refreshing change from BT and others who treat us with contempt!

James Sergeant

Baltic enabled our City Stop apartments with high speed internet, and since then, our on-line reviews have really improved, with all guests now being able to stream, do social media and even work during their stay with us. A good internet connection provided by a local company who really cares about our business is hard to come by, what a great find Baltic Broadband really was!

Andzelika AntuchaiteCity Stop Apartments

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