Delivering excellent service comes top of our list.  That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive Service Level Agreement’s.

We know the internet is crucial to the running of your business. So we’ve included a 100% target service availability Service Level agreements along with guarantees around service delivery and network performance.

We’re confident that you’ll be more than happy with our services. But if for some reason we don’t quite meet the standards we’ve set, we’ll pay you compensation to say sorry along with a personal apology from our management team.

For example, for our Dedicated Internet products (100% SLA), we’ll give you back one day’s charges for every hour that we fail to deliver.

You can read more about our various Guaranteed service levels for Connectivity, for Colocation or you can download our various SLA’s in full below:

Download – Connectivity Service Level Agreement

Download – Colocation Service Level Agreement

Our Service Levels

Guaranteed Installation Times

If we don’t deliver according to the lead-time that we’ve promised, we’ll give you money back as credits against your first bill with us.

Guaranteed Service Availability

We guarantee the Availability of IP traffic across our network to the point of traffic egress to the Public Internet to be at least 99.95% (100% if dual feeds are installed).

Guaranteed Network Latency

We target average Network Latency between these nominated core nodes in the Public Internet Zone so not to exceed key thresholds.

Guaranteed Response and Escalation

We guarantee the time taken to respond to your service affecting fault, find a solution and remedy it according to a strict timetable.

Guaranteed Router Monitoring

We monitor your router from our Network Operations Centre 24/7, constantly monitoring health, performance, latency and bandwidth.

Free Connection Recovery

If all else fails then we’ve got your back with our Free Connection Recovery service that get’s you back on-line in your hour of need.

Connection Recovery

Connection Recovery is a free service from Baltic Broadband (that can be requested by any customer), should they urgently need to get back on-line, during their hour of need. 

Although Baltic have stringent service level agreements in place that guarantees their service will be fixed by a set time (if there’s a fault), sometimes, in extreme situations this may not be possible (quite often due to issues outside of our control).

Some examples include:

  • Local power cuts affecting the area which affect the delivery of the service
  • Bad weather that has caused damage to the customers roof equipment and it’s unsafe to visit
  • A third party involved in the delivery of the service has failed
  • A local incident such as a fire, flood, fibre break or underground fibre fault

Connection Recovery is designed to get customers back on-line using our range of Portable Connectivity Solutions.

How it works

Connection recovery works by Baltic visiting your premises using one of our Portable Connectivity Solutions, for example a custom made backpack, Rolling Rack or even a Drive-to-Site vehicle that provides instant connectivity.

The purpose of the Connection Recovery is to get your business back on-line as soon as possible, ideally with the same speeds and IP addresses as before, but providing using a range of technologies, that is, until your original connection is working again.

There’s no charge for Connection Recovery and while an application can be made by a customer at any time to our support team, use of the service is at the discretion of the Baltic On-Call Duty Support Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Guaranteed Installation time work?

It works as follows:

  1. We’ll deliver your service on or before the lead-time that we’ve quoted when you signed up with us.
  2. We consider the service delivered once we’ve issued our Handover Certificate to you.
  3. If we don’t deliver according to the lead-time that we’ve promised, we’ll give you money back as credits against your first bill with us. This means you won’t have to pay the full installation charge. 
  4. Instead, we’ll reduce the cost depending on how long it takes us to deliver to the service being, 1-10 working days late – 5% off, 11-15 working days 10% off, 16-20 working days 15% off More than 20 working days 20%


  • If we don’t meet the quoted lead-time, you must make a claim within 28 days of the date the service was installed, send this to:
  • Doesn’t apply to upgrades and/or changes to your service.

Where can I find out the detail of the Service level agreements

Please download our service level agreements, found at the top of the page.

What Our Customers Are Saying

If our internet connection fails, our losses could be huge while any downtime could harm our brand, cause loss of confidence with our customers and also has the potential to harm company revenues. We chose Baltic due to the 100% guaranteed service level agreement that they can offer for our always-on business while knowing that they are always looking out for us, not just as a supplier, but as a partner to our entire operation.

A National Food Delivery Service

Baltic definitely had our back with their excellent service level's that meant we were able to guaranteed our service to third-parties and customers for our events.

Tom JohnsonLush