Use Baltic Teleport with the smallest fully-fledged AX router on the market!

The Teleport Box is a pre-configured Mikrotik router that runs custom Baltic Broadband firmware that requires zero setup and configuration, simply plug-in and use.

We’ve designed Teleport Box for customers that want a portable solution that’s easily to deploy, complete with supercharged state-of-the-art, dual-band, dual-chain Generation 6 wireless.

The modern quad-core CPU running at 864 MHz combined with a solid 1Gbps of RAM supports WPA3 advanced encryption, has four ethernet ports (for wired devices) and can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or even on the wall – without sacrificing the strong signal.

Teleport customers can choose from several configurations, including having blocks of static IP addresses present across all ethernet ports, mixed use with Layer 2 services including electing to use their existing Broadband addresses on the Teleport Box.

The Baltic Teleport Box costs £99 and has a £50/m Teleport subscription.(subscription is free for existing Baltic customers) Please contact us to buy.

Teleport Box Use Cases

Perfect for Events

Use the Teleport Box at events so you can take your static IP with you, by-pass venue’s firewalls, create Layer2 connections (SD-WAN) from venue to venue or even back to your data centre while retaining control of the network.

Perfect Travelling Companion

Drop our little router into your suitcase and take your UK IP address with you on your travels, ensuring that streaming services, whitelisted websites and other services still operate as they did before, anywhere in the world.

Perfect for 4/G Connections

By-pass the usual carrier-grade NAT restrictions, traffic management and usual port blocking that mobile networks usually put in place while having your own static IP address, fixed for the life of the Baltic Teleport service.

Perfect for Starlink

Existing Starlink satellite customers can use the Teleport Box to get a static IP address for life, by-passing the usual carrier grade NAT restrictions & traffic management.  As we’re a peering partner with SpaceX, this also means a high performance connection.

CCTV Installations

Use the Teleport Box to provide open ports, static IP addressing and by-pass the usual firewall restrictions that your CCTV systems may face when trying to provide external access for live monitoring, alarm notifications and software updates.

Create a segregated Network

Plug the Teleport Box into an existing internet connection to create a secure and segregated network away from the original internet connection, helping to you “partition” devices with it’s own external IP address, custom rules and configuration.

Assisting Machine to Machine

Connect up your remote telemetry devices to a proper network that is designed for the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine communication, without blocking, restrictions that can quite often break the functionality of your applications.

Run a Webserver

Many ISP’s block the required ports in order to successfully run your own webserver.  By-pass this restriction by using the Teleport Box, opening up the required ports without blocking or interference from your current Internet Provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What speeds can I realistically get?

You can go as fast as you need with speeds up to 900Mbps (upload and download) per user.  Your speeds won’t be limited by us as they are terminated on our 100Gbps internet connection, but by the ISP that you are connecting through.

How many static IP addresses can I get?

We can supply any block of IP addressing up to a /22 (1024 addresses).  Please see our pricing for such here.

I don't understand what Teleport is or what it can do for me?

Teleport is designed for non-baltic customers who are with other ISP’s and face restrictions or lack of functionality with their current provider.

Restrictions could include the inability to provide static IP addresses, the blocking of ports (that stop your applications from working correctly, such as IOT devices, CCTV, security systems etc) and traffic management (speed) restrictions during the ISP’s peak times.

Teleport is designed to by-pass all of these by creating a “tunnel” through your current ISP, directly into the baltic network.  Sometimes called a VPN, your traffic is effectively “tunneled” into Baltic and away from the current ISP, helping to escape their network restrictions.

Teleport can be used with a simple computer application by connecting when required (or permanently) or by using a dedicated router (that we can supply for an extra fee).

While other providers offer VPN services, Baltic Teleport works differently, by keeping internet traffic local within the UK, it uses Baltic’s peering agreements & IP addresses while providing excellent local support as standard.

Baltic Teleport is also unique as it can exit customers traffic into their office or even directly into closed local networks such as the Liverpool Film or Games network, features of which are not available with other providers.

Will I always get the same static IP address each time I connect?

Yes, when you sign up with us, we will issue you your IPv4 Address.  Each time you connect, you will use the same IP address, which won’t change, for the life of the account with us.

Do I have to use Teleport via a computer or can I setup a router to route everything?

Customers are encouraged to use a router for long term usage.  You can setup your router so it can route all of your internet traffic, or just some of it through Teleport.  If you need help with this, our team are on hand to help.

I'm currently a Baltic customer, can I really use my current IP address allocation on Teleport?

Yes this is possible.  Once the account holder provides permission, we are able to allocate any existing IP blocks to customers for use on Teleport.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We use Baltic's Teleport service to escape our ISP's restrictions who appear to block certain ports that we need for streaming and machine to machine connectivity. We're also unable to get a static IP address and face continual problems with Carrier Grade NAT, Teleport let's us by-pass all of these with ease.

Matthew JohnsonLocal Streaming Provider

As an event company we're always on the move around the UK to setup various events, like concerts, festivals and even live podcast events. We have to work with the internet connections provided to us at these various sites and each one comes with their own challenges like locked ports, changing IP addresses, network restrictions, you name it we've had it. The Teleport Box is an essential piece of kit that we take to all events so that we can handle all eventualities by-passing the local internet connection while providing us with consistency & reliability at each event.

Ian ChristophersonLocal Event Company

Who’s Using Baltic Broadband?