Baltic Broadband are Pioneers in Digital Connectivity

Baltic Broadband is a “Specialist ” Internet Service Provider based in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

We’re specialists at providing “Business-Grade” Internet and other digital connectivity services that we deliver using technologies such as Fixed Wireless Access, Fibre, Satellite, Free Space Optics, LoRaWAN and Cellular.

Founded in 1994, our engineers originally provided internet using dial-up modems, ISDN and ADSL. Today, Baltic are pioneers in delivering ultra-fast wireless and fibre direct to a customers premises that’s up and running within 10 days and with speeds up to 100 Gbps.

We also provide Temporary Internet (for pop-up shops, building sites etc), Data Centre Colocation, and Physical Data Drop Locations . We can also provide Emergency Internet for any business suffering outages, Direct secure Cloud connections and Mission Critical Connectivity for the Broadcast industry via our sister company Baltic Broadcast.

As Internet Engineers we pride ourselves on providing great customer service, highly trained and knowledgeable staff while providing a local relationship experience from our base in the Liverpool City Region.

Using our self-built, independent, dual fibre and wireless national network, our specialist areas include Film and TV, Outside Broadcasting, Interactive Entertainment (Gaming), Retail and Construction Sites.

We are environmentally responsible and generate all of our own renewable energy for our digital network, data centers and our electric vehicles while providing excess energy directly into our local grid.

Learn why customers decide to choose Baltic

Keeping it Local

We’re headquartered in the Liverpool City Region, so say no to overseas call centres and faceless organisations that choose not to contribute to our local economy or invest in our people.

Environmentally Responsible.

We recycle 100% of our waste, most of our company vehicles are Electric, we generate all of our own renewable energy and we re-use all our I.T equipment far longer than most providers.

You’re in Great Company

We pride ourselves on providing a great personal service and having close relationships with all of our customers and to be there when they need us.

People buy People

Sick of faceless Internet companies that read from a script over the phone? We meet all of our customers personally and get to know their business through authentic relationships and trust building

We Pay Our suppliers Promptly

We have a prompt payment code to pay our suppliers within 14 days from invoice, helping local businesses stay cash flow positive

Developing Young Engineers

We love to develop our people and have a special focus on recruiting, training and promoting the next generation to become Internet Engineers (75% of our staff are under the age of 30, with our youngest apprentice being 16)

A great place to work

Baltic’s staff enjoy free home broadband, free gym memberships, get their birthdays off, 30 days+ annual leave, help with living costs, free electric car charging, regular team nights out and continual training.

Helping our local community

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, we gave free internet to low income & vulnerable families, schools, places of worship and struggling local businesses who were fighting for survival.

Social Tariffs for Consumers

Since 2017 we’ve pioneered the way with low cost broadband to help vulnerable/unemployed families get and stay connected when they need it most.

Social Tariffs for Small Businesses

Since 2017, we’ve helped over 200 struggling businesses with low cost broadband so we can help them stay connected and hopefully help their recovery.

Helping Scientists

We’ve helped scientists around the world solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability; by simply recycling the regions old computers and putting them to better use.

Our Network

Traffic Prioritisation Service

Tell us your most used/visited websites and services and we’ll prioritise those for you, making them faster and more responsive. You can add up to 10 websites for optimisation.

Access Internet Exchanges Directly

We also offer customers the ability to break out at IX Liverpool, IXManchester and on LINX if they wish, accessing the very heart of the Internet.

Credit Card Transactions are Prioritised on Baltic

Slow credit card machines cause long queues in shops, but with Baltic, we prioritise credit card transactions for our customers ahead of everything else, helping to enhance the customer experience.

Social Media Optimised

Social Media Networks are prioritised as standard, ensuring that you can publish your content and updates with fast and reliable connectivity.

Good Connections to Popular Cloud Services

By using a number of methods including Peering, we give better connections to a range of Cloud providers, which is ideal for businesses using the cloud for their applications.

Free Connection Recovery

Should a problem with your internet connection develop, we will attend your site and get you operational again, using our portable internet solutions within the guaranteed time stated within our SLA.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you Baltic for your invaluable contribution to what is going to be an incredible event (Eurovision). St George's Hall, Liverpool hasn't seen an event on the scale of this before. Ever. We are so proud to be part of it.

Angie RedheadHead of Cruise/Venues/Events/Leisure Operations at Liverpool City Council

Baltic Broadband was one of the biggest positive impacts we could of made for our WFH workforce. Looking at yet another nationwide Virgin Media outage. This would currently be crippling out technical operations. Our office stays connected with Baltic Broadband. Whilst we see the backup line with Virgin Media, flap in the wind.

Worth every penny

Peter BrooksWushu Studios

Baltic provided us with a really fast and highly performing internet connection for our bar, studio space and outside event area, all delivered by a great team

Sadie Graham, Constellations Liverpool

Baltic setup a 10Gbps WiFi service for our 1200 delegates who attended our conference across multiple large Liverpool venues over 2 days, including our own on-street branded city-wide private WiFi system, thank you!

Sophie Walker, Lush Cosmetics

We enjoyed using Baltic's city-wide network of Data Drop points that enabled us to upload our camera footage each day and on a 10Gbps connection over to our post-production facility.

Karl Hall, Twickenham Film Studios