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Free WiFi During Coronavirus (COVID-19)Update/Closure

As per our last article that we published on 15th March 2020 whereby we launched a free WiFi service to the public on the streets of the Liverpool Community Region, we are pleased to announce the success of this campaign in many forms.

Our Free-WiFi service so far has beamed high speed internet into thousands of properties throughout the region so that home workers, the self-employed, unemployed and the vulnerable could access our Ultra-Fast Internet during these challenging times.

To date, we’ve seen thousands of devices connecting and using the service and over 268TB of data sent out from our Wireless Access Points , showing alone how many people have been able to access our free service.

Due to the recent government announcements and the easing of the lock-down, we have now decided to bring an end to the service and can confirm that the “workfromhome” service will end on Midnight 16th of June 2020, but users of the service still have the fast 350Mbps (upload and download) speed and unlimited data until this date.

We hope that those who have been able to use our help during these challenging times have found it useful.

The team@balticbroadband