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Guest Wi-Fi: These days, a lot of customers expect Wi-Fi wherever they go.  I’m not just talking about cafes or hotels but even doctor’s offices, parks, and recreational areas are branching out.  Because of this, we’ve found a need to develop our own system to allow guests to log into the network with ease. You can use anything from email login, social media login, or even instantaneous login.  This system also collects a very small amount of non-invasive and fully GDPR-compliant data like how many times this device/user has visited your location.

Real-Time Reporting and Alerts:

It’s not about your customers, though.  After all, you’re our customer and we’ve got a lot to offer you which will help you plan your business decisions!  Our real-time reporting offers you a way to see a variety of different metrics like:
  1. What device was used to log on?
  2. What websites did the user go to?
  3. Where do most users log on?
  4. How long did the user stay online?
  5. How much data was used?
And more.  All these questions can be extremely useful, too!  For instance, if you’ve got a new advertisement in your store and you notice a spike in people searching for information on that advertisement, you can show that information to advertisers.  On the flip side, if nobody is searching it then perhaps you need to rethink. Is the placement of that advertisement just unnatural or out of the way?  Is the advertisement itself faulty?  Or perhaps just nobody is going around that area and so it’s a bad place to advertise, anyway. Our Wi-Fi systems are not only designed to improve your customers experiences but yours, too.  Click here for more detailed information or contact us if you’d like to know more.]]>

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