Baltic Enterprise WiFi Systems

Design, Installation and Maintenance




Baltic Broadband provides WiFi solutions that are safe, secure, simple to manage, and allow users to get online with minimum effort. We enable our customers to improve their experience, increase satisfaction while offering the very best in high speeds and quality Internet connections.

We work closely with the leading wireless hardware manufacturers, partners, and industry experts to ensure that we provide the best technology and a well designed system.

Our service range from the design and installation of small WiFi systems for smart homes to large Enterprise Wireless solutions and Guest WiFi for Hotels, Bars and Venues.

Our Four Stage Process

1. Design and Planning

The first part of any successful project is the design & planning phase. We work with our customers to fully understand their requirements and design a system around their requirements.

2. Installation and Commissioning

Our installation work is carried out by a team of fully qualified engineers while ensuring that our customers have complete visibility of the project and delivery status.

3. Configuration and Setup

Once the WiFi network is installed, we begin the configuration to our clients requirements then begin testing to ensuring it provides a seamless internet experience for all users.

4. Technical Support

Baltic provide options for both venue and end-user support. Our help desk is available 24/7 to take any support issues, working to an 99.998% SLA to ensure our customers are fully supported.

Guest WiFi

Improve guest experience, increase satisfaction and loyalty

We know that most users want to get online as quickly as possible, but with the least amount of form filling and friction as possible. That’s why we have designed a Guest WiFi system to get guests online with ease. Our login options include email, a one-click system, social media, and instant connections (visitors connect automatically as soon as they arrive).

For each new and returning visitor that connects to the system, we can collect data such as email addresses, device details, number of previous visits, and other items such as other venues visited in the same group or chain, all of which is fully GDPR compliant.

Our Guest WiFi systems are designed around you and your clients, giving your guests the best possible experience and fast speeds while ensuring that they are fully supported.

Advanced Real-Time Reporting and Alerting

Our Cloud based control panel and reporting dashboard allow customers full control over the WiFi service and can view detailed reports about demographic data,guest activity, WiFi performance reports and various other useful metrics that ultimately help our customers future business decisions, for example:

  • Types of devices used by your clients
  • Duration of usage and data consumed
  • Entire journey across multiple sites
  • Collect information for marketing purposes
  • Top client usage by floor, building etc
  • Various custom reporting options
  • Integration with Software as a Service platforms

Enterprise Grade WiFi Features

Advanced Engineering

Our systems are designed and Engineered to the latest standards and best practices while tapping into our team's combined 30 years experience

Our Systems and Designed around a Buildings Fabric

Most buildings produce dead spots, reflections and black holes, our design works to work around such challenges to avoid a patchy and frustrating WiFi service

Amazing Long-Range

Our long-range simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi support's up to 183m of coverage from each access point while providing up to 1733 Mbps at 5 GHz and up to 800 Mbps for the 2.4 GHz bands.

High-Density WiFi Performance

Our powerful, enterprise wireless software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high up time performance.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Full Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution with seamless integration of hi-performance switching, gateways, and more.

Bandwidth & Network Management

Set and shape your Internet connection to favour preferred devices, applications or systems, giving priority to users who need it and denying it to those who don't.

On-Site or Cloud Based Controllers

Our WiFi systems can use an on site or Cloud based controllers to ensure maximum functionality while enjoying maximum flexibility.

Voucher Based Guest Access

Using our guest portal you venue could sell or issue guest WiFI vouchers that can allow access for a given time period, data allowance or in return for information.

Advanced Real-time Dashboards

We believe in empowering our customers with real-time information, so they understand their business requirements better while retaining control over their own network.

Use our API to extract Information

Using our API customers can pull out information ,make changes or adjust their settings instantly, allow them to integrate our service with third party systems.