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Introducing Cloud Down — a service that allows you to set a time to come down to a physical location inside Liverpool City Centre and upload or download all the information you need.

Why use Cloud Down over your own internet?

There are actually A LOT of reasons!
  1. Speed.  Our bare minimum speed with Cloud Down right now is 1GBps, while our maximum is 10GBps.  In easy to understand words, one breaks the sound barrier while the other breaks the speed of light.  They’re fast.
  2. No data worries.  Some internet connections come with restrictions to how much data you can use or how much over a set period of time.  With our one-off service, you can schedule a time and download/upload to your heart’s content.
  3. Stability.  The fastest and most stable connections out there will always be a physical connection over wireless.  Since you’re physically connecting to the internet, this means you’ll have the most stable connection you can.  Keep in mind you’ll need a regular RJ45 cat.5 connection to your computer or a single mode LC fibre connection for either the 1GBps or 10GBps speeds.
  4. High Availability.  Our non-emergency plans offer Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM appointments so that pretty much any time through the workweek is available to you.  The emergency service also gives you the same great speeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but at a higher cost.
  5. No slowing down your internet speeds.  One big positive of taking large amounts of data elsewhere to download/upload is that you aren’t affecting the speeds at your own place of business.

How do I use Cloud Down?

It’s a very simple three-step service!
  1. First, contact us at 0151 279 1000 and book a time.
  2. Next, visit one of our supported locations in Liverpool City Centre.  Be sure to take with you any storage devices and computer/s!
  3. Download or upload your data!  It really is that simple.

Can I use it outside the Liverpool area?

Unfortunately not, for the time being.  As a growing company though, we hope to be able to provide this service across all of the UK.  So, while we can’t offer it right now, that may change in the future! You can, however, come to Liverpool and use our service just like anyone else.  So, if you find yourself in the area and in need, give us a call and we’ll help get you scheduled in. For more information on pricing and what options are available to you, click here!  ]]>

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