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For starters, where are most of your emails sent? The most important thing to first look into is in what way are you trying send/receive emails?  For example, are you mostly sending emails between fellow employees?  Are you looking into proving a heavy amount of customer service?  You might even be needing two separate domains for your employees and customer service and that’s fine, too.  What’s most important is that you know what your company needs. The next thing you need to look at is how many people overall you’ll be needing emails for.  Some of the services out there start out giving you up to 50 or more free emails to distribute to employees then charge you an arm and a leg for every extra email you need.  Others might offer you only a few emails but be dirt cheap after you reach that number.  Look at both your current employee numbers as well as whether you expect to expand or not because changing emails after already being established is a HUGE pain in the butt, trust me!

Start comparing providers

There are a whole host of different email providers out there for all your needs.  As great as Gmail is for all our personal emails, they’re probably not the best for your company’s needs, so do a little research.  Look for hosts that’ll let you do a lot without spending too much.  Luckily, I’ve decided to do a little pre-research for you guys and gals to help you along a little bit. Zoho is the first (and one of the best) mail providers.  They’ve got a ton of features tacked onto their mail system that really put you in control. BigRock is another big one that’ll really rock your world (puns intended).  They’re not called rock for nothing, either, as they’ve got a lot of good security and anti-spam filters to keep your mailbox secure and spam-free. AtMail is another good, stable hoster with a lot of different features.  Another plus is that it’s rather simple and has been a provider for over twenty years, so you know it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Don’t just take my word for it, though.  There are a whole lot of options out there for you to pick from and my word isn’t law!  The most important thing for you to do is shop around before you make a decision.  Not every provider will have exactly what is best for you.]]>

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