The Baltic Broadband Fair Usage Policy is designed to make sure your broadband service is quick and reliable whenever you
use it. We want all of our customers to enjoy great service and to ensure that access is fair for everyone.

 Fair Use

We operate a relaxed fair use policy, which means that do not actively filter or restrict the volume of data or adjust the connection
speeds that our customers receive. However, if our network monitoring systems see unusual or excessive load, our engineers
will investigate and they may take action. We look for activity that can cause problems for other users. For example, if a customer
is continually sending and receiving large amounts of data, this could be at the expense of good service to other customers in that
area. It could also indicate some kind of malicious activity, such as a client with malware or a client who is suffering a denial of
service attack. In such cases, our engineers may apply temporary restrictions to a connection whilst investigating the cause and
they may contact you if it appears that you are consuming excessive data or may have an infected device in your property. In this
context, we regard excessive data consumption as being more than three times the average for similar connections in that area.

What do I do if I am affected by the Broadband Fair Usage Policy?

If we contact you in connection with our Broadband Fair Use Policy, it either means that there appears to be a problem with
equipment at your property, or your usage appears to be substantially higher than similar connections in the area. In the first
case, we will help you to check the equipment and provide advice about security. We have seen examples where customers have
installed harmful software on one or more device in their home without realising, or even online gamers who have annoyed other
players online and then been targeted by other players with denial of service attacks. Such situations can be disruptive to the
customer and can be a security threat, so we give the best advice we can to help and will sometimes limit internet access whilst
this can be resolved.

In the case where data consumption is excessive, we will contact the customer to discuss the nature of this and to ensure that the
services they are using are set up correctly and they are on the right type of subscription. For example, a customer may have a
staff member who is actively file sharing using peer to peer technology, which could be distributing copyright materials. Such
activity could attract the attention of the copyright owner and we will advise the customer accordingly. Another example may be
where a customer has a camera security system at their property and is streaming HD camera feeds to the web. In some cases,
the consumption of traffic can be significantly reduced by altering some basic settings and we will offer advice in this area.
In any case, we work to help make your connection work better for you and our other customers and we will work with you to
resolve any issues. However, as a very last resort, we reserve the right to suspend or disconnect a customer if it appears that it
may be causing harm to you, nearby customers or our network.

Further Information
If you would like more information, please contact us.