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An internet outage, even for seconds, could be catastrophic for most businesses.

Imagine the dropped phone calls, loss of access to your cloud services and many other devices around your business that rely on the internet for their functioning, it would be disastrous.

Now imagine the loss of revenue, customer trust and reputational damage that could come as a result.

So, how can your business ensure resilience in your internet connectivity? By implementing a secondary connection to act as a backup, providing you with the resilience you need if the worst happens. In an outage, your failover connection takes over automatically to ensure business continuity.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is one of the best solutions for resilience as there’s no digging, no cables, and it provides business-grade leased lines of up to 40 Gigabits per second, installed within just 10 working days from your order and best of all, it has a monthly rolling contract.

It’s also a great solution for customers that already have fibre from another provider as their main connection. Fibre suffers from breaks, thefts, it’s insecure and runs along public highways that are forever being dug up.

With wireless internet, it comes through the air, over the top of roads and buildings and it not affected by the fibre issues above. It’s also more secure and resilient, therefore, an ideal candidate to compliment your fibre connection, by choosing a totally different technology for your backup.

Protect your business’s critical internet connection with a resilient wireless backup.